Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Madness: Complete FAIL.

I think Monday Madness should just be renamed "Lets Ride A Baby Monday." Seriously. 

I have shown you some pretty messed up pictures of what parents think is 'Ok' when it comes to their children riding 'family horses'. 

However, today what I have just blows anything else out of the water in terms of a complete and total Parenting FAIL. 

This is a four year old pony stallion that the girl is 'riding'. 

Shall we go there? 


Let's go over AGAIN why this is a Parenting FAIL, shall we? Just because I don't think the message is getting out there. 

1) No helmet? CHECK!
2)Saddle 653657534321 times too big for the horse AND rider? CHECK!
3)No boots? CHECK!
4)Total lack of any seat whatsoever on the girl? CHECK!
5)Feet barely reaching the stirrups and heels touching the sky? CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK!

I have a 4 year old solid black stud pony has one white sock and a small white star on his forehead kids ride him all over we r asking 150.00 or best offer can call 417---6585. 

Why do people think its ok for their kids to do this? Are parents that out of touch with the basics of SAFETY that they actually look at this picture and think its OK? 

At least its a 4 year old right? Right?

Thats NOT a four year old. If you look very closely at the two pictures, you'll see its the same saddle pad. 

This one is a YEARLING. Of course, right? 

I have a 1 year old stud colt he's half paint half fox trotter has been under saddle and is halter and lead rope trained asking 100.00 obo call 417---1806 ask for Dusty 

Dusty - YOU FAIL. YOU FAIL. FAIL so hard that I don't think I could come up with another example that FAILS harder than this. 

Thanks Corky for these.

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