Friday, June 18, 2010

OT: We Need Some "Happy"!

Happy Friday! 

Going a bit off topic today, as its Friday (DUH), payday for me (YEA!), and quite frankly,  we need some happiness for leading into the weekend, don't you think? Besides, I think the Friday (or Thursday lol) Featured Fugly Stallion (FFFS, to you new readers) yesterday did quite well for our weekly fugly breeding stallion. I'd say the 4-5 year old BLM mustang stallion thats not even quite even yet completely saddle broke, yet is still being bred is Fugly enough, yes!?

So for most of you that weren't following our little dramatic blog post aftermath last night, you should absolutely go back to yesterday's post, and read the post again - three separate updates were posted by me as things were getting found out by those working locally to get those horses upgraded. Tons of comments were left, some were highly intriguing!

As I normally write up the blog posts for each day the night before, and am doing so now, I am still (even at 11:32pm my time!) getting a slow and steady flow of information on those horses. In a nutshell, she posted three or four more ads today? It started with all horses were reduced for quick sale, or would be sent to the auction on the 26th. I started posting that everywhere I could, and several hours later, she posted again that the stallion and the pony were still up for sale as she was 'downsizing to 5', but the mare was no longer available. More emails came forth proving her lies, and even one of her HIGH SCHOOL classmates posted saying that they still hadn't graduated high school yet, and she is the most "ignorant and idiotic girl" in real life. 

And THEN, while searching for another ad she posted late in the evening, but was flagged before I could get to it, I found that someone had posted a link to the blog post to warn everyone about her. *giggle* I know I shouldn't laugh, but it is kinda hysterically insane - this whole thing. 

Anyways, whether or not she still has the mare is a huge question right now, and apparently she still has the stallion and the pony still available. We'll see what happens today - I have to work for a short time, but its my 'short day' and will be home in the afternoon. I also get emailed all comments to my phone, but have not yet figured out how to respond so it doesn't go directly to the person's email, instead of HERE, where I want it. Suggestions, anyone? LOL. 

There is a very nice bright spot in all of this giant messiness, and that was the blog was brought into my radar of blogishness. This blog is ME, with all the snark, attitude, righteousness, sarcasm *hehe*, and harping on about PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY just like *I* do; only it's dealing with all the other poor animals that get dumped and sold and given away on Craigslist. Its very amusing and well worth the time spent reading - I especially enjoyed this post. Way, Way too funny!

P.S. - its WORDPRESS, not blogspot lol. I typed it originally as blogspot - that address doesn't exist! 

Lets all suffer through a moment of awkwardness while I admit I have no idea if the blog writer is a him or her, so I will simply say its wonderful to meet you, the writer of this wonderful blog,  and I will be adding your blog to the links at the sidebar. Also expect to receive ads from me as well; as I also look for fugly trailers and fugly tack as well :) 

So go forth and read, readers. 

But not before I share the BESTEST news of them all!


I received an email update about 3 pm-ish with the Firecracker news that she had been found. 

Details are a bit sketchy at the moment, but heres basically what happened. She was not taken by an unsavory person - she was part of a larger group of riders that are part of the Arizona Back Country Riders. They have a message board that K is a member of. The group is a statewide informal club of trail riders that get together for planned group rides all over the state. K let me know she had been found, so I thank you very much for that! (I also created an account there too, btw!)

Last weekend the Riders were up in a recreational area just outside of Prescott, Arizona, and during a rest stop, two horses got loose from the main group. The riders had dismounted and were allowing some of the horses to graze at will while not tied up. Trixie was one of the two that decided to go sightseeing all by her pretty painted little self. The other horse was caught almost immediately, but Trixie eluded capture. 

I'm sure she thought it was a wonderful game that she was playing with her people! 

So the group, and what an amazing group it is, immediately banded together this week, and search parties were formed almost on the fly daily going up to the area to search for her. Air patrols were considered, and everyone under the sun here in AZ was notified, if you check out the (at least at time of writing) on the home page you'll see a blurb about Trixie. I'm sure they'll be notified asap, if they haven't already been - so at some point in the near future it might change to a found blurb :) Which is just awesome. 

So Trixie decides to blaze a few trails on her own, while people are looking for her for nearly 4 days. One of the board members contacts an Animal Communicator who is also a member, and has assisted in many lost pet rescues. Now, whether you believe in humans communicating telepathically with animals or not, she played a MAJOR role in locating Trixie. She was able to pinpoint almost exactly where the mare was by describing the area immediately around the horse (within a few feet of a stream, beside a tree that looks like ...., etc), how the horse was hung up (saddle on brush), and even that Trixie knew people had been close, but had not yet seen her - and also that she really wanted to be found. *AWWWWWW* 

She was found still saddled, and a bit more dehydrated than we would all like our horses to be, as she couldn't actually get to the stream to drink. She was immediately taken to a vet up in the area, and the thread on the board as of midnight tonight was still awaiting the owner to post updates. Everything since she was found was posted by friends of the owner, as she was *obviously* dealing with the mare's immediate health issues. 

ADDED: VIDEO! I love this :). She's obviously so totally happy to be with people again, you can read it in her body language. She keeps sniffing the people around her, won't take her ears off of them, and when Karen goes to kiss her on the forehead she lowers her head and closes her eyes - almost as if she's saying, "OH THANK YOU!" 

Also gotta LOVE the huge yawn at the end! HEHE. 

So, on that very happy note, I leave you to your Father's Day Weekend - *I* of course get to work straight through to Sunday again this week, so I won't be enjoying my weekend very much. However, Toy Story 3 does get released today, and I have a few free passes to a local movie theater, so I'm thinking Monday the kiddos and I are gonna go see Toys ~ and then of course, Eclipse is NEXT WEEKEND *INSERT MAD SCREAMING HERE*, you *know* who you are - and thats it for me for the night/week! 

Of course, if anything else does happen with our favorite mustang obsessed teenager, I'll put it up as soon as I can. :D 


  1. Thank you so much for the shoutout! I'm a her, but the blog is actually written by a "we," hence the lack of very many pronouns or much personal info on the blog--we're three pet lovers (two female, one male) who between us have done just about every pet-related job that you can imagine--vet tech, assistant horse trainer, dog walker, pet sitter, dog trainer, dog food brand rep, to just name a few. And we're all really, really sick of irresponsible jerks on Craigslist!

    WorstCLPetAds was inspired by this blog and another blog, Lovely Listing, that highlights ridiculous real estate ads. The nice thing about blogging about Craigslist is you're never short of material... there are so many idiots out there and they all seem to love to show off their stupidity on public websites!

    Thank you for the inspiration and the mention. I'm so glad that Trixie was found! Hoping for some equally good news about the poor Mustangs--maybe someone who reads this blog will nip up to the auction and quietly bring home that stud, give him the ol' snip-snip, and send you some "after" pictures once he's feeling a little better. I can dream, right?

  2. When I seen the posting here about Trixi, I wasn't sure she had been stolen. I hadn't gotten that 'vibe' from the email. Glad that she's been found though. If it were my horse I would have been freaking out, but then again- I wouldn't have let her loose while still saddled to graze either, so I can't so much pity the owner on that part.

    To worstclpetads- Thank you for posting about Lovely Listings..

    I could probably add a whole months worth of posts... OMG! Counters covered in filthy boxes, cleaning products, clothes all over the place, garages piled to the rafters... and why on earth does every agent feel the need to post photos of the toilet? As long as there is one & it works- I'm good. Don't need to see the pretty shower curtain and matching roll of paper that goes with the guest towels.

    Off to check out the whole to do in the comments on yesterdays post. That was some whacked out shit! That girl obviously needs help.

  3. CNJ - That was my own interpretation of the email. I figured, even if she HADN'T been 'stolen' it sure wouldn't hurt to mention her.

    There is a video now of the reunion. It will bring tears to your eyes!

  4. Not so much on the tears. Maybe I am a bit of a cynical bitch in that regards. She hugged the horse, but then she's all about hugging everyone else and showing her excitement the horse has been found.

    What about getting the horse back to the trailer, stripped of the tack and some water for her if she was so dehydrated? Deal with the horse, see to her needs, then you can hug and thank everyone... But there again, I wouldn't have let the horse loose like that in the first place.

  5. Oh CNJ. LOL.

    I'm trying to be optimistic here. Yes she let the horse loose - but it was also noted on the thread on the azbackcountryriders blog that the majority of the riders that trip were allowing their horses to graze loosely in a open grassy field.

    So - I *could* rip on her some for that - but then I'd have to rip on the whole group. And, after yesterday's mess, I wasn't much in the mood to be ripping on anyone. I was just happy the horse was found.

    As for the dehydration issue - the beginning shows Trix being ponied by the lady on the chestnut arabian, right? That rider was the one that got Trix loose from the saddle being hung badly on some brush that was literally just feet from a small stream. She immediately let the horse drink, and continued to do so as they went down the stream back to base camp.

    So in the video, Trixie has already had several waterings prior to the reunion with her owner.

    I also understand that within minutes of the reunion, she was in a trailer headed over to the Prescott Equine Veterinary Center, and was treated and released same day for minor dehydration. So, she wasn't really in that horrible of condition I would guess if she wasn't held at least overnight.

    Thats the thread to the whole story - do have to register for an account first, but its quick.