Thursday, June 17, 2010

Melissa Sawiki of Albion, Michigan - YOU ARE BUSTED!

Two days ago I got an email from a reader whom on request, will stay unnamed. She sent me an ad that just by itself, would result in me having an apocalyptic fit. 

Then she sent me more info. 

At the time of writing this (Wed evening) I currently have somewhere around 30 individual Chrome Tab pages open, all in 'researching' this .... person. 

Thats Melissa Sawiki, there with her tongue out trying to lick her fiancée. She's about 18 years old, engaged to the guy you see peeking out of the cropped picture there, lives in Albion, Michigan, and according to her twitter page, is horse obsessed!!!! mustang breeder!!! twilight/vampire obsessed.  The Mustang Breeder Part is a decent enough clue - though its like a very small hair in the bigger scope of the entire murder case. 

I am going to do my best to sort through all of this so it makes sense to you. I will also warn you, this may end up being very long - I will do my best to keep it from running into novel length, but there is TON of info I found, and want to share. 

The Craigslist ad (the text of which will be green) that was sent to me was a sale ad for three horses. The highlight was that the mare had just delivered, and she was already trying to sell the mare. I am not even sure If I can post a screenshot of the ad because the ad is HUGE. I'll copy the text over though. The entire mood of the ad was "get them the f**k out of here". Ya, that sounds like a horse obsessed!!!! person, doesn't it? But thats not where this story ends. 

Heck, it hasn't even started yet.

There are also ads, which will look like this.

This is Cyclone, one of the three. He's a black, (Now 5) but is currently being advertised as a 4 year old. He is of course, a BLM mustang stallion. 

To the left it shows him with a saddle and bridle. The tacked up picture was taken from the CL ad, and off of another ad.  The picture on the right was taken from here. In each ad, (there are several) the price is never the same. $500 in one, up to $700 for another.  

this wild mustang is gentle sweet and the fastest of the horses we have, he is only 4! he still needs to grow! but will make beautiful babies! for 150$ we do not ship bring your mare today! he is ready and raring to go! email for info, or call 517 - 1122, he is a BLM mustang, and you can see him here at also have a mare for sale! seen in other ad! you can ask for more pictures aswell, he does have a red tint in his hair, and a scar that turned red, but otherwise he is a black stallion!!! better yet a Mustang stallion!!! for those who would rather start a mustang baby from foal then a wild yearling!!! (these r alot harder to handle!) we have broodmares and we may sell babies, or except trades for breeding, or trade horses! ive got an adorable little bay mustang! that i could consider trade!!! I AM NOW SELLING CYCLONE FOR 500$ HE IS IN TRAINING AND GREEN BROKE. COME GET HIM NOW! 1ST 250$ DOWN PAYMENT TAKES HIM. price only goes up from here! HE THROWS BLUE ROAN FOALS!!!! OR will consider trade for gelding or mare thats broke to ride (horse or large pony) maybe green still. must meet requirements: 13'3plus hhs only. under the age of 16. NO 19plus years. may consider 16-18yr olds. depends. BIG PLUS! will trade both mustangs for a good decent kidsafe horse around 14'2-15hhs thanks!!! NO HALFINGERS NO ACCEPTIONS!!!! WE DO NOT LIKE THEM. THEY ARE WORK HORSES ONLY. MAKE ME AN OFFER!!!! BABIES NOT FOR SALE!!! must go within 2 weeks

I'm not even going to bother blocking out her email. That text was from the same link as the head shot above. I tried to edit that ad from horseclicks, but couldn't decide what to cut out, it was all equally nauseating.

Cyclone (cyclonic destruction)- black stud. blue roan genes. green broke. asking 500$ comes with his papers and possibly a halter. make me an offer!!! he is a proven stud and one of his babies is a blue roan! 
hes 14'2hhs and 4yrs old! very gentle not mean and my 8yr old niece and her friends are always leading him around and grooming him!!! not an aggressive stud! he must go within 2 weeks! or i take him to auction. 

So, just between the two ads, you can see she can't really keep her stories straight. She's all over the place. She's got a third ad up for him here. In one he's listed as a 2006 foal, in another he's 2005? But she's got his papers!  

Oh, and for the record - being able to impregnate a whole 3 mares does NOT make him a 'proven stud'!!! Aeeyyyuppp.... cause what we really need is more fugly mustang and/or half mustang babies, right?

There is, buried deep within that horseclicks ad, a link to a myspace page. Myspace usually drives me insane, but I had to look on this one. If you don't wish to, I don't blame you. All of the text on the page is size 1 text. I of course copied it into a word document, and made it a much more readable size - oh, I really wish I hadn't. Its CYCLONE's Myspace page. This is what she put for his "about me".

·         interseted in making many pretty babies and carrying the legend on!!!
·         no time to see any,
·         ? whats television?,
·         i only read the things that our at our farm like the barn and such.
·         the BLM becuase with out them i wouldnt be here! for those who dont know: BLM stands for Burea of Land Management! they save wild mustangs!
·         Status: Single
·         Here for: Dating, Friends
·         Hometown: WILD
·         Orientation: Straight
·         Body type: 5' 0" / Body builder
·         Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
·         Children: Expecting
·         Occupation: Breeding
·         Income: Less than $30,000  (Ok, me in - why would a horse need an income?)

The Craigslist ad is disturbing though - the 'or I take him to auction' should be a huge, glaring, giant, massive red flag. This is Michigan, folks, a hop, skip, and a jump up to Canada - where Horse Slaughter IS legal. For some reason, I don't see Cyclone putting THAT on his Myspace page! I *wonder* why?

Another ad for the stallion:
i  have a black mustang at stud, his fee is 75$ for this limited time only. he can be seen at and i can be contacted at that or at thnx!!! he is a all black mustang stud titled & papered to me he has red tints in his mane and tail. and has a scar on his shoulder from his captured days, its red. aswell. an lastly he has a perfect white cresant moon shaped marking on forehead (a star) he stands 14hh at 3yrs old. he is extremly fast for those barrel racers and hes very smart!!!! and has the cutest baby face with the sofest velvet fur!!! contact for more info!!! thnx so much ***located in Albion, MI*** may trade breedings for iteams wanted: driving buggy (for a 12hh donkey) harness set. wooden poles ( to extend corral) tack things, need bridals bits, saddles, blankets, saddle racks, brushes ext. thnx again!!!!

As crazy as the stud makes her sound - thats not even the WORST of this. Thats just the appetizer to the main course. 

I was sent a series of emails upon my request (thank you oodles for them, you ladies know who you are) and my jaw just completely dropped to the floor like it *NEVER* has before - and folks, I see a TON of crap in my in-box. Sometimes I think I should post 2x a day just to keep up with it all. 

So, fugly mustang half broke "proven stud" up there, who stands a very good chance of one day being dinner on somebody's plate overseas, was bred to the bay mare shown below. 

Twisted Ellegance-Twist- bay and white mare. very gentle will be an easy breaker. shes scared and shy of some people a man beat her so she cowers from men and likes children and young adults better then adult men. 14'3-15hhs tall and 4yrs old. does not come with halter, but comes with papers. she stays until she has her baby and then next day shes gone. im asking 300$ for her. please offer. she doesnt leave here until she foals and foal doesnt go with her! no acceptions.
it would be nice to get these guys good home together!!!! someone who wants to put a little mustang blood in there breeding programs. these guys are pure mustang! bought as yearlings.... 

Bay mare is called Twisted Elegance, or Twist. Cyclone is standing next to her, and the silver dapple pony on her other side I'll get to in a minute. Twist has had a bit of drama this week. If you look closely, you can see a bit of a large belly on her. Thats the baby from when Melissa decided that those two mustangs needed to make another mustang! YEA!!

This is usually the part where I would say 'lets hope that the foal doesn't inherit those front legs on the mare' - but you know what, I can't. 

When the same ladies that alerted me to this ad contacted Melissa, they got an answer back that nobody expected. 

The craigslist ad was posted 2010-06-14, 10:25AM EDT. Below is the series of emails back and forth between our readers and Melissa, who apparently goes by Momo? Please note that I am NOT editing out a single thing, save for emails and identities. Pay attention to the time stamps on the emails themselves. Red is Melissa, Blue is our Reader.

Folks, I am in the process of writing a novel in my 'spare time'. I couldn't Make This Stuff Up, even for the book!

dateMon, Jun 14, 2010 at 8:24 PM
subjectRe: Mare for sale

foal is miscarred! and its her 1st foal wtf? u want her?

dateMon, Jun 14, 2010 at 8:38 PM
subjectRe: Mare for sale
Your ad was posted as of 10.25AM today and is written as if the foal hasn't been born... So, the mare miscarried today??

dateMon, Jun 14, 2010 at 8:44 PM

no she must have sometime last week. were making her drop it here so we cant get sued. and she must go asap so she dont get pregnant again since no one wants either

dateMon, Jun 14, 2010 at 8:45 PM

I am confused... If she miscarried last week, why did you state at 10.25AM today that she was pregnant?

dateMon, Jun 14, 2010 at 8:50 PM

becuz she is! with a dead baby! wtf either u want her or ur wasting my god dam time

dateMon, Jun 14, 2010 at 8:53 PM

Has a vet confirmed the foal is dead?

dateMon, Jun 14, 2010 at 8:55 PM


dateMon, Jun 14, 2010 at 8:56 PM

Can I get the name of the vet so I can discuss what the mare will need? Its in my best interest to know what the situation is if I bring her home.

dateMon, Jun 14, 2010 at 9:02 PM

no. ur wasting my time. im NOT GIVING HER A WAY. besides vet arent aloud to discuss that sort of thing with strangers and im not releasing u my info

dateMon, Jun 14, 2010 at 9:08 PM

Um, actually I never asked for her to be giving away to me. Now you're accusing. What I asked for is the ability to get a better understanding of the mare's medical condition, since having a dead foal inside is NOT healthy, so I know what kind of expense could be expected. And, yes, vets can discuss with the owners permission.

You obviously are more interested in the money than you are the welfare of the animal. Shame on you.

You know, sometimes is so much fun to a) have once been a skip-tracer,  b) know how to use google, c) have a husband who used to be a private investigator.

Melissa, you didn't NEED to give anyone your info, cause YOU FREAKING posted it everywhere on the net. It took me literally 30 minutes to find her phone number, address, what high school she went to, when she graduated, her cross country awards from high school, ads for 'rare beagles'(WTF?) here and here, more ads for show bunnies, her twitter page, already mentioned the boyfriend on myspace - I mean, seriously, shall I go on here? 

If you pull crap like what you are doing with this mare, you will get found out. 

What I am reading from that mess is simply that she wants to dump the mare on someone, without ANY questions being asked, to the first person that will take her. She's proven that if you ask questions that need to be asked, she will a) start throwing accusations and b) suddenly decide that you don't get the horse. 

This is NOT a responsible horse owner. This is as far away from a responsible horse owner as you can possibly get - and I think Antarctica is too close.

(link to full ad) Twisted Ellegance will not be ready until her baby is weaned (6months?) but is up for sale and i can give you a few numbers to great studs including a palomino piant stud. she is a blm mustang with a bad past. not broke. gorgoues coloration! 5yr old, very sweet, very timid. wants to learn but scared. very pretty mare would make nice trail horse or brood mare she is tri colored bay! (white, bay, and black) some brindel in her face and legs. she needs one on one time in a round pen or arena for about a week and i bet you could have her broke! or call me and ill come break her. her price is 400$ and will go up to 500$ if i re breed her! ill hold her for 250$ aswell. or may talk on just holding her for cheaper. come out and see this gal today! refrences and a home visit to your place required! i dont want her beat again. her old family beat her trying to break her. they killed the gelding she came with and she was near death when i bought her off them. shes back up to healthy wieght and never offered to kick or bite. very SWEET!!! will eat out of your hand. FAST FOR BARRELS! call or email today! 517 - 1122 or 517 - 0031 also another picture of her is on my studs add, he is also for sale, his name is Cyclone. price is OBO WILL TRADE FOR BROKE OR GREEN BROKE HORSE OR LARGE PONY. (13'3hh plus only) under 16yrs of age please!!! may consider slightly older NO 19plus years old!!! NO HALFINGERS NO ACCEPTIONS!!!! WE DO NOT LIKE THEM. THEY ARE WORK HORSES ONLY. SHE IS DUE IN 2 WEEKS! BABY STAYS. WE BOTTLE FEED! OFFER PLEASE WE NEED HER GONE!!! BABY NOT FOR SALE!!!!! 

Of course the baby's not for sale - cause the baby is freakin' DEAD!

Another email, not from the same woman that was in the above emails, but we'll call this lady a "concerned horse owner": 

This is an email that was sent from the seller to a friend when she politely reminded her that all horses in MI have to sold with a halter.

Sent: Mon, June 14, 2010 10:50:56 AM Subject: Re: horses needs to go within 2 weeks!!! - $500 (Albion)
good luck getting a halter on that mare. ill have to kill her first. not joking. shes horse meat probably. since no one wants the damed horse. and the stud. hes a looker and green broke he has a chance and the pony definelty does. and i have been sold plenty of horses without a halter...

The mare in question is the same bay mustang mare that she HERSELF wrote "never offered to kick or bite" and "very SWEET!!! will eat out of your hand".

Seriously? Can you believe this? 

YET MORE ADS. This one has horses that she's not mentioned anywhere else - lets hope they got out! 

[Edit, on second glance, I don't think all of those horses listed are hers, just all from the same general area.]

There's so much more. I don't have all of the emails sent between her and some other potential buyers, but I have a pretty good idea that she was like this with just about everyone.

Silver-also i have a pony (kid safe) bombproof. 675$ firm. he is 12hhs tall and 13yrs old. silver dappled with flaxen mane and tail! he is been there done that show, trail, traffic, parade, therapy pony!!! the top notch pony and 5 stars for your kids safety! comes with bit bridle and red halter seen in pictures. he is a GELDING! NOT A MARE!!!! 

Of Course I have to post up this picture of the pony.... 


Double, bareback, no helmets - at LEAST the pony is being led. Should read the horseclicks text though, more of the same idiotic promoting of her mustang stallion for sale. If you look through the pictures of the pony she has up - in one of them, in the background, if you look closely, you'll see she has a donkey as well. 

There's also Hurricane, the appaloosa gelding - who in one ad she wants to lease out - not sell, and another where *Surprise* he IS up for sale!  If you actually read them both, she keeps saying over and over that he really is 17hh tall - but won't come with papers, cause he's not registered - so "DON'T ASK"! She actually says just that in the ad for him. She doesn't have Hurricane listed on the Craigslist ad, but he's everywhere else she's got horses listed. Gods help the person that leases him and has to deal with HER daily (the lease requires him to stay on her ranch).

Oh, and we can't forget Mieko, the Paso Fino "Grade / No Papers" Gelding. Link. He's also the horse she pictures herself nuzzling up next to on her myspace page. 

call 517 - 9790 asap to come see and check them all out. or email. pictures on horseclicks and on craigslist i have no more so please dont ask!
all horses in pictures are for sale! 
limited internet access. ask for melissa when you call please and leave your name and nuber and reasons for calling! or else i cant call you back!!!

There are so many things going on in these ads that I literally could NOT address everything. Training issues, saftey issues, flat out dumbshit stuff, and thats not even addressing HER ATTITUDE about the whole situation!

Melissa - You are seriously one of the most heartless, ignorant, uneducated morons I've seen in a LONG time. You graduated high school yet you still write like a 2nd grader with 2nd grade spelling and grammar? There is NO excuse for that, NONE whatsoever. 

You claim to care for your horses, but all I can see is someone who really doesn't give one rats ass about them. Your statement about sending your PRIZE mustang stallion through the auction sealed that nail down into your coffin for me. They are all crappy, fugly, conformational TRAIN WRECKS that should NEVER, EVER BE BRED. 

Your idiotic statement about not wanting another horse bred? 

Have you heard of something called a FENCE? You claim to have vets that will come see your horses, have you ever considered something called GELDING? Gelding's don't care about breeding mares. Oh, some of them will still give it the old college try, but after a few minutes they usually tend to give up and opt instead for a good mutual grooming session with said mare. You have created YOUR OWN Problem here, one that you resort to threatening to DUMP your horses for meat prices to solve. 

You know EXACTLY where they will end up, as evidenced by your own words. Your mare, whom on one hand you call sweet, BUT on the other hand to even get a halter on her at all, you'd have to KILL HER, is evidence enough for anyone with eyes. You, and others like you, are the very reason that we have the issues in this country that we do in just simply trying to KEEP our horses from becoming dinner.

I am sending this blog link to everyone I know, asking them to read it and re-post it. Your lack of honesty, your lack of caring (uh, dead stillborn foal still in its mothers belly that you are still claiming is ALIVE in some emails? Yep, they exist...), and your general attitude will come back on you threefold, and karma really is the BIGGEST Bitch of all, and she shows NO mercy. 

So which is it on the foal? Is the foal dead or not? Has the foal been delivered or not? When? Why won't you simply tell the truth on the matter? Why won't you give your vet's information to potential buyers - so you can get rid of the mare like you say you need to over and over again? What exactly are you trying to hide here? There's proof that you have given multiple answers to multiple people on these very questions. 

Do you even realize how difficult it is to bottle feed a foal? Have you ever done it before? Do you realize what a training NIGHTMARE bottle fed foals usually are? They rarely, if ever, respect boundaries of space, pressure, and think humans are horses to play with, bite, rear up on, and kick out at. Is this what you want your foal to become - IF IT ACTUALLY LIVES?

Oh, and btw, just exactly what the hell is your problem with Haflingers? They are NOT JUST working horses, and I can dig up an entire mess of people that will argue to the death otherwise. "Haffies" are some of the sweetest, gentlest, kindest, and honest little horses on earth. Not only are they GREAT with kids, they are strong enough for most adults to ride too!

You know what, never mind on the Haflinger thing. They wouldn't want YOU as an owner anyways, for fear they'd become a sandwich!

The reader's intention in sending this all to me was that hopefully someone out there will be able to get these poor horses out of her hands before they all follow the 'wyld black stallion' to Canada!

In her words, as a final comment to this total disaster of a train wreck waiting to happen, after getting even more conflicting emails on whether the foal was born, alive or not, and when it was supposedly born:

If you're willing sell the mare in foal as of the 5th of of having foaled,
you're ignorant and have not business keeping horses. If you want to be sure
the foal receives not only proper nutrition but also upbringing and learning
how to be a horse, then you will either keep the mare until the foal is of
proper age to be weaned, or sell together. Please reconsider your ad and
save face with your horse and fellow horse people.


I want to add this on to the post. Edited 7pm Mountain Standard Time.

She has posted another ad up today, I will post the screenshot, because her words are 'better' than mine. The link was posted in the comments, and I think it bears putting up here. 
Here is the link to respond to the ad -

horses going to auction buy now! mustangs and kidsafe pony - $500

black mustang papered stud. 14'2hhs 4yrs old green broke. blue roan genes. 400$ obo 
must go asap!!!! 

bay with chrome mare with papers. 14'3hhs 4yrs old? not broke. great mom. 325$ was a rescue. 

will sell together for 500$ 
going to auction the 26th if not bought.           

kid safe pony 
12hhs 13yrs 
autism kids on lead line. 
4-14yrs old individual rides. 
English / western 
jumps and drives 

675 FIRM!!!!! 
if not sold by 24th will be kept. 

call 517 499 9790 for more info and day to set up a time to meet and buy! 
bring money please! 
serious buyers please!!! no 10yr old little girls wishing and wanting! 

Does anyone know where this auction is that she's referring to? I mentioned this in the comments, but I can't seem to find any info on google... the only auctions I can find in MI on the 26th are for property and fine art. IF any of you out there can manage to grab these horses before she trailers to whatever auction she's planning on going to, PLEASE by all means do. If they end up going and sell to the KB, then well thats what happens, but since I can't be there to pull them out myself, I'm doin' what I can do. 

2nd Update of the night: 

New ad.  Says now that the mare is gone, and only has the stallion and the pony left with no other horses for sale?

Oh, and its been "confirmed' that the foal lived, was delivered, but is now with a surrogate dam? Emails were sent and were posted in the comments.... 

copying just the email text. 

Reader: Does she come with her foal?? The ad isnt clear. Are you planning on taking her baby from her? Is the foal going to be able to be registered? Is the mare up to date on her shots, has she ever foundered? Thanks, Jennifer
 HER: no foal. no health issues.

Reader: Is she agressive with a foal on her? Is she not a good mom? What are the reasons you will not let her raise her baby?
 HER: shes wild and uncontrolable. and her sack wont fill. and we cant keep her seprete from stud and other horses. the foal is going to a qh mare who lost her foal prematurely. it wil get 1st feedings if twist wil provide.

And now apparently the mare is gone? Or just no longer for sale? I'm *SO* confused!

black 4yr old papers. 14'2hhs greenbroke 200. firm

bay mare no longer for sale.

no other horses for sale. 1 pony for sale

1 horse for lease at our farm.

pony kid safe. 
600 firm. 

call 517 - 9790
can be veiwed and taken today! bring your trailers.

downsizing to 5 horses


And UPDATE #3 for the night! I can't go to bed yet, this is insane! 

I'm trying to find, or fix, the link the very last anon posted listed to the ad where the pony went up in value, and came across this:

I *MYSELF* have now become an ad on craigslist! This just cracks me up to NO end. 

I would love to know who posted that on my behalf, can email me directly, no need to out yourself publically, but still would like to thank you personally! 


  1. boy I missed a few days of reading and you have updated so much. I'll be interested to hear if you get any responses from this girl. I wonder how it feels to ruin your reputation from the get go. If she seriously was contemplating a career in horses (God forbid) she has a crap reputation at the ripe age of 18. F-ed for the rest of her life. That's sad. You don't know crap at 18 -let alone how to run a responsible breeding program.

    for the missing paint mare - it has the owner contact netposse/stolen horse international? that would bea great place to start.

  2. Great Blog! I plan on cross posting on every board I know, along with my FB page. This girl does not deserve to own horses!!!

  3. Yowza. Reposting this to my blog immediately. As a past victim of cyberbullying I usually absolutely do not support giving out someone's information online when criticizing their actions, but this is really, really beyond the pale.

    I sadly was in a situation like this once... I tried to save three horses (two mares and a foal) who were half starved but not quite starved enough to be impounded. The owner accepted my offer of $2,000 but when I came with the trailer she wasn't there and when I finally got in touch with her she told me that I was "harassing" her by asking questions about the horses (like when the foal was born and who the sire was) and by calling her asking her to come meet me so I could give her the money. She ended up saying she was going to run them through the auction and threatening to sue me if I ever contacted her again. Tried to find them at auction but never did... unfortunately I suspect she decided to keep them and moved them somewhere that their starved condition wasn't easily seen from a public roadway.

  4. well I just think that she pretty much did herself in by placing such horrible ads. Whatever she gets she brought on her self.
    Also noticed that she just posted another ad on CL about the horses. *headdesk*

  5. Holy Crap! This kid is a moron. Those poor horses, she makes so many claims then renigs and offers the horse for sale one time and for lease another. I'd hate to have to deal with her. I like how she claims to be an advanced rider. I'd love that pony, he's a cutie.

  6. Can a "rescue" really be considered that if being sent to auction?

  7. Think you can consider the mare that...just is WRONG to take it to the auction!! But at this point I wouldn't put anything past this little girl!

  8. it is nice to know that so many women care and love the horses such as i do my self, but u grown horse expert women are bad !!! leave the little girl..self proclaimed want to be horse dealer/breeder/rescue alone.. it will all catch up to her on its own. she will do it to her self with out any help from others and god will punish and take care of her. its not your job.. let glory be to god!! :). if your really concerned and want to help and put your expert ability about horses to good use then help others/ people like her that dont know any better the proper way to care and handle horses along with ethical business practices so on and so forth.. (: MR loren :) from Dowagiac,mi.

  9. Holy Shit! Don't anyone hate me for this, but maybe the auction IS the best thing in this case. The horses WILL be sold and out of her grasp. Done deal when the gavel falls. Unless of course she puts some whacked out reserve price on them.

    Anon/MR loren, get a grip on reality, would ya? Did you seriously put any thought into what you posted? Cuz I'm not seeing any rationality in it.

    You tell everyone to 'be nice', yet claim this girls world will crash down on her on its own... Well duh! Yes. It surely will. Because she has brought it all on herself by posting her personal info all over the place. So how is it supposed to 'take care of itself' and where should that be coming from?

    Oh, that's right, Gawd will take care of her! He's doing a great job so far, isn't he. How about that foal? It's doing just great! Isn't it awesome that it may be killing the mare in the process, too? But at least they will be happy, running around together on lush green pastures in Heaven, after she suffers a long, slow, torturous death. But that's all right, Gawd will see to things. Good thing he can handle it...

    Maybe all of us "grown horse expert women are bad!!!" kind of folks are the reality check she needs. Think any of us learned things without getting our feelings hurt once or twice by others, whose best interest were in the horses and THEIR health & safety?

    That's ok. Call me bad, think I am mean and wish for your Gawd to save me. I could care less what you think of me. My concerns lie with the horses, long before I care much about the people that own them. Hate me all you want for that. I can deal.

    And for the record- NO. I am NOT any of the people who have found the ads, emailed or contacted this girl about her horses. I just read it all today, here on the blog. The blog author can confirm this if she wishes.

  10. MRLoren -- I see a couple things going on here. First, "if you want to play like an adult, than act like an adult." This seller has a mouth on her that would make a sailor blush, can't keep her stories straight (see: liar), and does not have a single concern about the animals themselves.

    How else will a person learn from their actions if no one calls them out on what they are doing? How many horses will die from her actions before your Gawd strikes her down with a lightning bolt?

    She told person 1 that the foal would be still born, but then person 2 it is a live foal that she intends to bottle feed.

    She states on a new add (posted by Holiday) that the mare is a "rescue" that she intends send to auction fully knowing this horse will go to the meat buyer.

    She also states this horses is "sweet and loving" but proclaims she'd have to kill the horse to get a halter on it.

    And the kicker... the pregnancy could have been PREVENTED had she gelded the stud, kept them separate, etc. Seriously. Its not like the 'birds & the bees' is a great big secret. And now that the mare is not trained, preggers and nearly impossible to catch, she wants to dump the poor thing for the price of meat. This has FAIL written all over it, and the horse isn't the fail in this case.

    C2J, formerly of Lansing, MI

  11. oh.. sorry..I didnt mean to hurt any ones feelings.. i was just expressing my own and my thoughts are this.. i just dont see any point of dirty politics in the horse place. lol..
    i dont hate any body..i even have love for my haters.. to each their own, but if it makes you happy..i too think the little girl is a pos and should have all her horses pulled from her.


  12. Start reading from the bottom. Notice the dates. She lied about saying the foal was dead. She said in one ad the mare was a good mom and next she says that she doesnt get a bag. This lady is full of crap. i edited out my email information so I do not get blasted for typing this. Dont foals need colostrum for the first 24 hours?

    shes wild and uncontrolable. and her sack wont fill. and we cant keep her seprete from stud and other horses. the foal is going to a qh mare who lost her foal prematurely. it wil get 1st feedings if twist will provide

    Tuesday, June 15, 2010 9:10:39 PM GMT-0400Subject: RE: Mustang mare Is she agressive with a foal on her? Is she not a good mom? What are the reasons you will not let her raise her baby? > Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2010 08:22:49 +0000> Subject: Re: Mustang mare>

    no foal. no health issues.> > ----------> Sent from AT&T's Wireless network using Mobile Email> > ------Original Message------> From:

    Date: Tuesday, June 15, 2010 2:49:48 AM GMT-0400> Subject: Mustang mare> >

    Does she come with her foal?? The ad isnt clear. Are you planning on taking her baby from her? Is the foal going to be able to be registered? Is the mare up to date on her shots, has she ever foundered? > _________________________________________________________________

  13. People like this SHOULD be outed - and outed in a massive way.

    She has been caught in SO many lies, half-truths, and has stepped on the toes of anyone that has actually WANTED to take the horses off of her hands.

    The issue is when they start asking questions - she goes batshit psycho on them - and it becomes this big ISSUE.

    Horses by law are personal property, and thus (in most states) when advertising them for sale, any 'false or misleading' advertising can run the probability of them getting SUED for all sorts of things.

    Saying a horse is sweet and gentle when she herself has admitted it is NOT - I'd say thats false advertising, wouldn't you?

    Sad part is most of the time even when it can be proved, it won't hold up - because it still is a 'buyer beware' world.

    As for whether the auction is the best place for them - I'm on the fence. Yes they would get away from here - but thats ONLY if a KB doesn't get them. Chances are not good that won't happen - but thats what this heartless ***** wants.

    She's dropped the prices down too - $400 OBO for the stallion, and $325 for the rank mare??

    What a mess.

    Someone up there mentioned online bullying - just talking about someone online I don't believe is bullying? I'd have to start emailing her directly multiple times, with angry and threatening words. Calling her multiple times (I could, I have her phone numbers), going to message boards she posts at and stalking her there - or, asking all of YOU to do that *For Me*

    Which will NEVER happen. If you guys do that, you're on your own. I don't condone it either. However, public embarrassment is often a very good way of calling people out on things they are hiding behind closed doors, and getting the truth out.

    The TRUTH needs to come out here.

    Is there anyone who KNOWS what auction she's possibly talking about? Is there anyone close by that might possibly be able to attend and see what happens to these horses?

    I'd pay a million dollars to be there, but Phoenix is an awfully long drive :D.

  14. I also feel prudent to mention that there is a certain lack of something called Personal Responsibility here on her part.


    Immaturity and Irresponsibility in handling the situation she created by taking in horses that she couldn't handle.

    I'm not trying to crucify her - I want her to stop lying, stop ****ing around, and tell the truth on the foal, the mare, and whatever else she's twisted into knots. I want her to acknowledge that she can't handle this many horses, and I want her to actually EDUCATE herself on what it takes to be a successful stallion owner.

  15. I think its all a ploy to get people to buy the horses. But again you never know.
    She has placed a new ad on jackson CL.
    Apparently the mare is now gone....and so is jack jack the donkey so quite asking!!!!! lmao

  16. I am a few hours from her. I do not know of the auctions, but you can check out and you might be able to figure it out. i bet the reason she states the mare is no longer for sale because she keeps getting questioned and doesnt want to deal with it anymore, she probably will take her to the auction. I agree, that there is a liability on telling the truth about horses. One moment the mare is gentle, next min she is wild. I am the one that posted the above email a few posts up, where she says she is giving the foal to another mare.

  17. did someone buy the mare or did she dump it?

    What happened to the other horses?

    Dang, I'm buzzing to know now!

  18. I dont know. I think she still has the mare. I just posted an ad on craigslist asking about horse auctions in the area. I will post the info when I get it.
    Jennifer W.

    1. Auction is in indiana trust me i know exactly where they go

  19. Here is a reply about auctions in that area. I do not know where Napoleon is.
    Napoleon this sat. Good for you...

    Jennifer w.

  20. Here is another response about auctions if anyone wants to try to rescue any of these horses.

    napoleon lkivestock auction napoleon michigan on m50 and hillsdale auction at hillsdale count fairgrounds every saturday are the only 2 i know of that sell horses near jackson
    jennifer W.

  21. Melissa Sawiki is actually in my grade (12th), at my school. She has not graduated high school, and I doubt she ever will. I have had "the pleasure" of having her in class before, and you are correct. She is the most ignorant and idiotic girl I have ever met. She does not take care of her animals, but dares to say she loves them.

  22. Uh oh, the pony just gained value in a few hours. So if she is 18 how does she have a 6 year old daughter? does this child exist?

    belived to be shetland.
    theauraputic riding.
    individual ridding.
    safe sound sane.

  23. I mentioned bullying because that's often a result of publishing someone's contact information like this. I was a victim in a situation where someone posted a rant about something I'd done that they disagreed with, which was built around a grain of truth (they didn't like my having a particular job) but then built up an elaborate web of lies and misleading statements to make me look awful, and they published my contact information and my parents' contact information, too.

    There was another recent case where a screenshot from a teenager's Facebook page made the rounds online. She was apparently bragging about being rude to a boy who asked her out. Nothing out of the ordinary for a teenager. She ended up having her home address and phone number plastered all over the internet as a "C*** who doesn't deserve to live in enclosed spaces" and people were encouraged to call her home at all hours of the night to tell her what a (insert profanity) she was.

    So, even though my blog was in part inspired by this one, I generally am very opposed to offering up contact information even when a person seems to be pretty awful--two sides to every story. In this case, though, there are living creatures clearly suffering and perhaps these and others can be spared some misery by exposing Melissa. At the very least many more people now know not to ever sell an animal to her!

    And perhaps these horses can be saved from the auction--they have suffered enough. I suspect the stud might find himself gelded and living with me if I had the facilities and was in the right area. I bet he'd be a charming trail horse after a couple years to decompress and be retrained properly--I suspect Melissa's not much for starting greenies gently and slowly. At best she probably waves carrot sticks at them and confuses them completely.

  24. Brianna - she's still in HIGH SCHOOL? Then why does her boyfriend's myspace page say he's engaged to her?

    the power of the net is amazing to me sometimes. Might I ask how you came to find me here? I love to find out how people find this blog.

    And to the last anon poster - that url you posted doesn't work - its got a few extra letters/numbers on both ends. I tried to 'fix' it but no such luck. Also have been refreshing the Jackson CL for that area, where she seems to be posting now, and no posts have been listed since the last one where she said the mare was no longer available.

  25. Pet Ads - I understand what you are saying. My rule is, like yourself (yep, read YOUR blog - LOOOOOOOOOVED IT!) I remove contact information.

    In this case though, she posted it everywhere herself, I didn't dig it up from some private document somewhere. I found at least 10 different ads posted by her in the last 45 days where she herself listed her full address, email, and several phone numbers.

    I think I actually missed editing one phone number in the actual blog post. Every other phone number I took out the middle numbers. However with the email, she is fast and loose with that, so really, me posting it here isn't going to really make a difference. Any one of these ads (as you well know) can easily be found by anyone that has some measure of net savvy, and the contact email on CL, even though its encrypted, upon reply from the writer, the email is available and open.

    so yes, I do agree that there is a risk in that happening here. However, this is a grave she dug herself and needs to find a way out of.

    I am also *NOT* encouraging people to contact her, with the exception for those wishing to buy one of the horses, which is what SHE wants anyways.

    Double edged sword for sure.

  26. Sorry, this is the link, but it has been flagged, and it wasnt flagged by me.

  27. Oh also Pet Ads - I am in the same boat with you on the stallion. I'd absolutely take him in a heartbeat if that were possible, geld him, let him sit for a while, and then turn him into the best little trail/search and rescue horse! I would LOVE to work with a mustang (never to breed, but would love to adopt one, one day) - you just can't beat them for trail!

  28. I wonder if this is hers... same feel but idunno...

  29. I think the Napoleon Auction is tomorrow night, if anyone wants to go and see if these horses are there.
    Napoleon is south east of Albion, its the closest auction to her.

  30. its cyber bullying !!! by over zelous horse rescue crooks that get pissed off if they cant get some ones horses. haha.. lol..

    u know damn well.. you take to auction your self,
    your like the pot calling kettle black. u all should be ashamed of your selfs !!!!

  31. Anonymous at 9:02 AM is totally Melissa. Hi, Melissa! The blogger here is right--removing even someone's email is usually the right thing to do, but you're just such an overall shitty person that you deserve the consequences of putting that contact information out there. How about you stop owning horses?

    And no, good horse owners DON'T sell horses at auctions. Not in public, not in secret, not for any reason, not ever.

  32. WHAT??!!! LMAO Are you kidding me? Get a grip please!!!!

  33. btw that comment was to Anonymous not worstclpetads!

  34. Who are you talking about Melissa????? HUH? Whats wrong? Now that you've been "found out" you want to start to place the blame on others??
    You are a rude and ignorant little girl and need to start to take responsibility for your own actions!!

  35. Wow, the spelling is what irks me to no end. She's in school, why can't she spell?
    I like how the pony is a firm price at $675 then goes down to 600. She doesn't know what she wants and she could just separate those horses to keep them from getting pregnant. If she sells any of them she should get that stud gelded and then sell him.
    Did a troll find your blog?

  36. "u know damn well.. you take to auction your self,
    your like the pot calling kettle black. u all should be ashamed of your selfs !!!!"

    I've had at least 15 horses in my care over the last 15 years, some have stayed with me, some have not. Some where rank, some where sweetest things on 4 legs. I have never, ever even consider auction as a last resort. If I could not find a proper home for a rank horse that I couldn't keep myself (job loss), I had the horse humanely euthanized. Yeah, taking care of them costs money. There is no money to be made with horses, and you're certainly not going to break even unless you have a very high caliber horse - and that requires a lot of investment, either time training or the money to train properly. I know many, MANY horse owners that can say the same.

    Spell check is available on every computer. You present yourself in a less intelligent way by failing to check your spelling.

    C2J, formerly of Lansing, MI

  37. I sold my very first horse I owned for 10 years. I thought someone else may be able to utilize his talent better than I. Less than a year after he was sold he was sold again. Two months after that, I bought him back to save his life. The owners grandmother who was footing the bills after her grandaughter f-ed him up wanted to "fix him up and unload him at an auction". With his difficult attitude and high strong personality, I knew for sure he'd end up in the kill pen. This was a horse that before he was sold was showing A circuit shows showing 4ft jumpers. The girl permanently damaged his legs and he is no longer sound. He is a big expensive pasture puff, but I wouldn't let him go to auction ever.

    Why would you take on these horses that you know you can't work with and then try to make them someone elses problem? Geld the stud, learn some patience, or hire a good reputable trainer to work with these horses and make them into a valuable animal. You accepted responsibility for these animals the moment you took them. Time to put on the big girl pants and be a good horse. There is more to good ownership than feeding them.

  38. Correction: I meant time to put on the big girl pants and be a good horse *mom*.

  39. Loren, please accept my apologies. It is apparent that there has been a misunderstanding. Inflection of tone can be difficult to perceive in the typed word, unlike when speaking to each other. Lacking facial expressions and body language- easy to see where the wires can get crossed.

    This girl does need a reality check, since clearly hers has bounced. Again, I care more for the horses than the owners, especially more so in cases like this. I do hope the horses go to the auction in this case. They may be bought by someone who cares, or they will be put out of their misery and never fear living in such conditions again. The KB is never my choice, but he's not the enemy. He is only cleaning up the messes created by people like the featured creature.

    To the Anon who thinks all of us have shipped horses- prove it. Puhleeez! Because you will not find one receipt or check stub at a single auction house with my name on it for the sale of a horse. A saddle yes. Once. A horse? Sorry, none. Care to try finding one? You will be at it a long time...

    I seriously doubt you can say the same, yet you show up here and try to cast stones, while lacking the balls to reveal an identity. You know where you can go, and what you can do when you get there. Have fun! Buhbye.


  41. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  42. Wow, I guess the apple didnt fall to far from the tree!

    Dallie, I like what you said, I dare you to come and rescue these horses. That just confirms that they need rescuing.

  43. (I never delete comments, but I do have a policy of regarding posting contact information and addresses are not something I will publish.Sorry. Here is the rest of that comment posted by Anonymous.)

    Someone should really help those poor little ponies... No matter how ugly they are...

  44. Im guessing Dallie doesn't see anything wrong with her daughter lying to people...hmmmmm Must of been how she was raised!

  45. Wow...sooo you're ok with your daughter lying to people? People like you and your daughter are the reason the horse industry is going down the drain. YOU are the reason so many horses end up at the auction, in slaughterhouses and in the hands of bad people that can't afford them. You're too cheap to fence off your mares from your stallions, and you're breeding horses that shouldn't be bred.

    All of that aside, you should be ashamed for raising the type of daughter that would lie to people only trying to help out her mistreated animals. PLEASE send them to auction. They'll at least be away from people like you!

  46. I think "wow" is the only possible response. Dallie, I personally lead a very fulfilling life, including family, volunteering at a therapeutic riding center, working at a non-profit for disadvantaged youth and earning my doctorate. We have a tremendous responsibility towards those animals we own and raise. They look to us to meet their needs, care for them and keep them safe. As parents, our duty is to teach this to our children, whether it's a pet dog, a horse or a pig. We also have a responsibility to teach honesty and fairness. Your daughter's business practices are unscrupulous and she has demonstrated little regard for the well-being of both the horses and potential buyers (ie., selling a dangerous mare as sweet and gentle). This experience can either be a learning experience or feed a persecution complex.

    She does not get to hide behind youth. She is an adult attempting to carry out fraudulent and irresponsible business dealings and has shown blatant disregard to both her animals and her customers. There will be consequences beyond being a topic on a blog if this continues - especially if she sells a wild mustang as gentle and it ends up severely injuring or killing someone.

  47. Wow. Let me just say that again, WOW!
    Alot of animosity!
    Here's my two cents, regardless if they mean anything to anybody other than me. lol.
    First of all, (quote) "They are all crappy, fugly, conformational TRAIN WRECKS that should NEVER, EVER BE BRED." Are we talking about mustangs in general or just her mustangs? If we are talking about mustangs in general, somebody needs to do some research.
    Mustang are excellent ALL round horses that yes, some might not have the best conformation or immaculate bloodlines, but I've seen many wipe the ground with some of those high dollar pedigree ponies. They are super smart, sure footed, easy keepers, and if you are lucky enough to get one to cherish you, in my opinion, you will be the luckiest person in the world.
    As far as the girl goes, it is just that. She is still a child. She may legally be an adult but what does "The Man" know anyhow? She, still being a child, will make stupid, STUPID mistakes. That's how we learn. That's how we grow.
    NO, I AM NOT, REPEAT, I AM NOT condoning her behavior!
    I'm certain all of you had good intentions for the horses. The problem isn't the horses however, the problem is the girl, as we all well know.
    There are SEVERAL ways it could have been handled better. I AM NOT saying this isn't a good way, it brought awareness but....... There are authorities that could have been alerted in the case of the mare. If indeed she had a stillborn foal still inside her womb and it was a risk to her well being, that's animal neglect. Call the authorities.
    I know in MI there is a law about misrepresentation of items for sale. Call the authorities. They then would investigate the horses and if an issue was found with the mare in question, She would no longer have the animals. She would hopefully have learned a lesson? If not horses would be taken away and.....
    Maybe, just maybe, one more thing could have been better too. Instead of sending her mother into "I have to protect and defend my baby" mode, did anyone think to contact her and let her know what her daughter's dealings were? (yes going back to her being 18, a legal adult. Granted, your children might never act in this manner but are your kids still your kids? Honestly?)
    Momma could have kicked her butt and or helped her, showed her how to conduct business in an adult manner.
    As far as saving the horses now, seeing as how both parties are p***ed off, Start a collection, find a foster home and go get them babies out of that situation until proper homes can be obtained.
    Ok, I do believe I am done. Sorry for my own novel. lol. I also apologize for hurt feelings. I do not, however, apologize for my opinions. They are mine own and I am entitled to them.

    Wait, wait for it, one more thing. I have six horses of my own and one mini mule. Out of those seven equines, only one has the the a fore mentioned "high dollar pedigree". Three more of those horses happen to be mustangs. I would have been more apt to pay the money I did for the "pedigree" to purchase the mutts then the "pedigree". I love them all equally though.
    A.G.- Jonesville, MI

  48. A.G., if mom was going to kick her irresponsible adult daughter's butt, she'd have done it the first time she caught her buying up animals she couldn't care for and then dumping them at auctions. Clearly, mom approves of neglect and abuse. I do think someone who is in the area and can make a police report should call the authorities. Mom can play "Mommy Bear" against a blog, but if she tries that with the police who show up to inspect the horses' conditions, she'll find herself shut down very quickly and possibly charged with a crime.

    Being "nice" in this situation didn't do any good--people who inquired politely about buying the horses got profane, poorly spelled tirades for their trouble. Melissa is, plain and simple, a grown woman who has chosen to be abusive, neglectful, ignorant, uneducated, rude, nasty, and unwilling to consider the possibility that she could be wrong. She has a long life ahead of her and I hope she will use some of that life to change for the better. However, at 18 she is old enough to be legally and personally responsible for everything that she does. She is a liar and a fraud, as well as a horse abuser.

    I sincerely hope that a reader who is in the area will contact the appropriate authorities and little miss Melissa will find herself enjoying the inside of a courtroom and--dare I dream?--a jail cell.

  49. - Dallie

    Your daughter has taken on the responsibility of owning these horses. Why is it necessary for we, a population of horse people and owners who are responsible (Which means: a : liable to be called on to answer being the cause or explanation b: able to answer for one's conduct and obligations : trustworthy b : able to choose for oneself between right and wrong) for our actions need to grow up? The last time I checked, YOUR daughter is the one trying to dump fugly, confirmationally incorrect mustangs all over craigslist, YOUR daughter is the one conducting fraudulent business dealing with potential customers that will take the horses off her hands, which she so desperately wants, and YOUR daughter is the one who can not do so much as call a vet to have the stallion gelded or set a fence to separate him from the filly. She has placed herself on the internet where ever possible, making all of her information legally usable. This would NEVER, EVER happen to my child. Would you like to know why? Because I know what is right and wrong, and therefore can instill these morals in my children. You, however, cannot. Oh, yes. We do have better things to do than this. Like properly oversee our farms and our horses health. But in our very rare hours of spare time, we choose to out people like precious Melissa to the world. And you never let any of us answer your questions: How rude. I do feel validated, do you know why? Simple. Because another scummy, bottom of the barrel "horse person" (if your daughter is even so deserving of a title) has been outed to the world, and I am willing to bet that the reason you are so defensive is because you know that you, as the parent have done wrong by your child in not raising her right, and that your child has done wrong by three horses unfortunate enough to fall into her custody. So you can yell and scream all you want, but the truth is, your daughter is a liar.

  50. anonymousinannarborJune 19, 2010 at 7:56 PM

    I truly wish I had the money to get these poor horses. I believe I may have seen one of these ads, but one, on it's own, was not enough to raise a flag, given the nature of many ads I've seen on CL. I'm in Ann Arbor, also 18, but you know, I have never, EVER even considered dumping a horse at an auction. We have sold two horses in the last 13 years. Two. One lives at our barn still and has a right of first refusal clause. The other, we had to rescue back. We own him again, he is leased to a girl but kept at our barn. Yeah, the economy is bad, yeah, we're trying to sell at least one of our three horses. But auctions? Never in my life will I send a horse to one, even if I can't afford to feed myself. I can spread the word to horse people in the area. I hope someone gets these poor creatures.

  51. Ok so now the ads have changed. They are keeping the mare another three months so she can wean the baby that she said died. Claims that the mustangs are nice, yet, in her own words told others that she was wild and crazy. She also stated that this was this mares first pregancy, but told another concerned person that she doesnt get a bag. So which is it? How would you know if she got a bag or not if this is her first pregnancy. I see on this ad it states she is not a horse breeder, but other ads on the internet state that she has more foals coming that will be for sale. Ok, whatever, keep your story straight Melissa! Quit freaking telling stories. Be honest and truthful and be a responsible person and stop breeding! If you get a stallion, what do you think is going to happen? Did your mommy not teach you about the birds and the bees? By the way, your horses are ONLY worth what someone is willing to pay. You can ask what you want, that doesnt mean you are going to get it.

    Here is her ad


    black stallion. blue roan genes and green broke. papers. not registered.14'2hhs 4yrs old can no longer work with him due to mare in training pen. 300$

    bay mare. plenty of crome on face and legs. will be staying an extra 3 months (got her board cheaper). 325$ to buy in advance. can make up contract

    i payed 200$ each for these horses and brought them up to wieght and health and green broke the stud.
    will take 500$ for the pair would make nice breeding couple.

    stallion needs to go before the mare if not together! we don't want babies!!!!! cant geld stud and he doesnt mind the fences!
    WE ARE NOT A BREEDERS FARM! LOOK FOR YOUR SELF! check your facts 1st.
    niether are sore or lame or have bad attitudes both are nervous at first then warm up.
    GREAT PASTURE PALS or show horses stud will be a speed horse and mare is more laid back and slow and carries her tail high!

    these wont be going to auction:

    Kid safe pony! guaranteed! bombproof. 12hhs tall and only for sale until the 24th of june. then he wont be for sale and we will just keep him. we are selling to get a larger pony (already picked out)

    did some jumping and driving.
    great kids pony soft on the mouth knows his leg ques and has been ridden on lead line by autistic children. hes just the perfect size and color!
    ridden individually by 4-14yr olds. on trails and on the road. traffic safe! trail safe!
    great baby sitter: i can leave him for hours with a young kid on his back in the yard grazing he never barely moves.
    been to memorial parades. with the firearms at close range.
    comes with bridle and bit.

    600$ firm.
    we payed 1100$ for him a few years back.

    17'1hh leopard few spot appy
    4yrs old.
    likes to jump
    LOVES trails!
    almost begging level. but he does spook at things like school buses and semi trucks.
    intermediate level rider required. when ridding out on streets.
    will go out alone.
    250$ monthly lease at our farm

    call: 517 or text or email me for more info and a time to come visit.

    currently showing the horses to buyers/leasers:
    Friday from 3pm-dark
    Saturday from 3pm-dark
    Sunday 11am-4:30pm
    maybe Monday but not sure...
    must call to get address! thanks for your time!!!

    misc tack available: ask when you visit!!!


  53. If she's not 18 why are you allowing her to operate a business without oversight? You know you will be held accountable if anything goes wrong, right?

    Also, please don't type in all capitals. It's very difficult to read what you've written - I start at the top and my eyes keep skipping around, so I miss bits and pieces.

  54. wow... A mother defending her daughter over what? Some mustangs that may or may not be preggers or may or may not be neglected and abused. My mom stopped defending me when I was about 14. She had decided that by then I knew right from wrong. And she was right. I did. When I was 18 I sold my TB. My ads were honest and fair and I was polite to everyone who responded. There was only one lady that I actually felt comfortable selling him to. But it was a no go. So where is he now? Living out in the country with an older man who said he would keep him till he died of old age. Guess what? My old TB is still sitting in his pasture happy and healthy. I drive out there about once a month just to check on him. I'm happy and so is the guy who owns him.

    Dallie, if you truly are Melissa's mother, then stop defending her and start educating her. I have been around horses for 20 years and I still do NOT know everything to do with horses. And in another 20 years I still won't know everything. The day I stop learning is the day I get hurt or hurt a horse. Ignorance is not bliss. Judging by your posts I have the feeling that an adult did not right them. But hey, I could be wrong. Check your grammar, your spelling, and remember what your first grade teacher taught you: "We don't write in all caps."

    Carla from NC

  55. So if Melissa is not 18 then wouldn't all of this fall back on her mom?? You'd think the mom would be very upset her daughter is pulling this sort of crap, specially since she is the one who will be getting in trouble if someone gets hurt.

  56. Dallie-

    You do know that "SHUTUP" is two words, right? And "BUZZZZINESSS" is spelled 'business'. And this is why we will not listen to a thing you or your daughter say: Not only are you liars, but you are also blinded by your ignorance and stupidity. You are commonplace morons with no business owning horses. Tell us we are wrong all you want, but God knows. He always knows.

  57. Ummm, she's still at it:

  58. is the text to the ad I just posted a link to: (I did delete out her phone numbers)

    12hhs and 13yrs old
    perfect for the begginer rider and a little sweetheart.
    he has been used shortly for therapuetic ridding
    he rides double and bareback (both at the same time too!)
    silver is UTD on hooves and teeth. not much else.
    silver is ridden currently by both (off and on) 5yr old, 8yr old and a 13yr old.
    i like to put a 100lb limit with the tack. (his saddle is about 25lbs)
    its just not nice to but any one heavier in my oppinion on him.
    no vices, no kick rear or buck easy to catch easy to trailer
    i have "heelyed with him" (pulling me down the street on skates)
    he has free jumped and done some barrel pattern work. (hes lazy at this point but you can change him he is a fast little pony if you show him hes aloud to)
    keeps up with all the bigger horses, will lead will pony and will follow. hes low on the totem pole too always everyones best friend if they alow him to be.
    we do love silver! so if not sold on the 25th (friday) then his price stays at 800$ firm for as long as we dont need him.
    we have owned silver off and on for almost 9yrs. but my memory seems to be off and my mom thinks it more like 7yrs.
    i say off and on becuase we have sold him to nieghbors and then bought him back due to there lack of ability to keep him and we have leased him out.
    this pony is a STEAL! we are selling due to finding a larger pony that will have a forever home due to shes 14'2 hhs tall and we havevery slim and small members in our family that can ride her even after all the grandkids and kids move on...
    thanks for your time! if you are intrested you can either email me or call me.
    i should be available to show today and the next couple of days atleast.

    there are no more pictures im going to try to upload one or two on here its to hard due to bad connections to send pictures to people.
    here is a link to all my horses and silver is the silver dappled one and also the one with all the red white blue stuff on him.

    these are a bit better than just four pictures! enjoy!

  59. So now the pony is back up to $800. Seems to change the price more than she changes panties.

  60. That crazy Dallie woman goes on and on about our not having anything else to do but play on the internet.
    If Melissa had just put one single honest ad up there to begin with, then maybe MELISSA wouldn't be spending all her time on the Internet, lying and carrying on.

    This whole creepy mess is a perfect example of proudly ignorant redneck drama.

    Like when you go to Wal Mart and some yahoo is trying to return a 4-year-old curling iron that they've used every day, and when the clerk says "Sorry, I can't do that," they say "I GOT MY RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    I had to evict a whole nest of Springer fodder from my rental property. They were mostly 19 & 20 year olds who simply COULDN'T get off their baggy-pants/glitter thonged asses to look for jobs or finish high school. Somehow they always had money for liquor, pills & smokes.

    A couple weeks later I went over to check on the house & start cleaning, and I got FLEAS. Had to flea bomb the house, my car and a lot else. THAT was a pretty apropos ending to that unpleasant episode...

  61. Holy shit look how fugly the mare they BRED to that colt is.

  62. Oh and DALLIE:

    If your daughter knows what she has done wrong, I'm waiting for her to write to this blogger with a letter of apology explaining that to all the readers who have been shocked and dismayed at her neglect, abuse, lies, and willingness to brag about all three. I think if she apologized and reached out admitting she needs to learn more about selling horses in an ethical way, caring for them properly, and NOT BREEDING MORE THAN SHE CAN TAKE CARE OF, she would find that horse people are a kind and forgiving bunch.

    She also owes apologies to all the people she has flipped out on for asking perfectly fair questions about her horses and to the people she has lied to about those horses. And to the horses she owes better care and a chance to find a great home, which they never will if buyers can't ask her a question without getting banshee shrieking in email form as their reward.

    If we see her apologizing, taking better care of her horses, and reaching out to the people who can teach her what she still needs to know about horses, then I suspect she'll become a "friend of the family" rather than someone we all sort of hope takes a long walk off a short cliff before she breeds another load of fugly mustangs to fill a slaughter truck with when she gets bored of them. But I have seen her do absolutely nothing to acknowledge she's done wrong or that she's trying to do better. All she's done is sic her illiterate mother on the people who are dismayed to see her terrible horsekeeping practices.

  63. I spent literally 30 seconds looking at Mr. Fiance's myspace. I went straight to the pictures and what do you know...more talk of breeding her stallyion!

    He posts a picture of his "new horse Maddy" and the caption reads: who wants a baby?!!!!! lol 4 real!

    Then guess who comments on the picture, Melissa! And she says:
    "ive got 3 studs picked out for you all are free of charge since they are mine or my family or close friends. mine cyclone, andfor purebred babies: red&white horse (thunder) and a brown and white horse (budd) make some tricolored babies that will sell for atleast 400$ love ya!"

    Should have seen that coming!

  64. Well Melissa is right when she says she is NOT A BREEDER. Breeders breed for the breed standard, confirmation, quality over quanity. Melissa is a horse mill, breeding shit to shit, and produces more shit just to sell her crap.

  65. I love in the area. those horses (mustangs) will end up as alpo. no buyers go over there unless its for that stupid pony. no one wants ugly ass mustangs. thats why they are getting slaughtered left and right. oh and she doesnt sell beagles lol. she found them and they are dumb dogs that are too loud and i let them out and her nighbor shot them. you should have seen her face. but she does sell pedigree rabbits. the black and white and brown and white kind. no one wants to pay 20$ for a 5lb rabbit dinner!!! but yea i suppose when those mustangs break her fence again the neihbor will shoot them ugly freaks of a horse too.
    ~pride and joy QHs for ever. the only good horse~

  66. *she found them and they are dumb dogs that are too loud and i let them out and her nighbor shot them. you should have seen her face*

    That you find this amusing is almost as disturbing as anything she's done.

  67. I'm hoping the anon above claiming to know Melissa is just a troll. If not... well, I guess it's just white trash all the way down in that area. Maybe with luck a sinkhole will swallow the whole neighborhood!

  68. It seems to me that the last Anon to post IS Melissa...who still can't spell, and is trying to convey to the readers that she "cares" but also saying negative things to make it seem like it's someone else.

    Melissa, when you learn how to spell, maybe then you can fool us.


    She is still at it!

    Oh and this one is my favorite making her look like a god send to this mare.

  70. The horse "Maddy" on the BF's myspace is NOT breeding quality! Check out the side view pickture. No hip, hind legs camped up under her that look like pogo sticks, WEAK hip horrible topline (so bad you can see this with a saddle on), and an overall eyesore to look at. From the front, her front legs are point outward - this mare will have severe soundness issues as she gets older considering her legs and hip. Please don't breed this mare.


  71. wow where is this "ranch' of hers at?

    She is still at it! Only changing her location

  73. I case anyone is still interested in Melissa.

    She want's to be a trainer:;_ylt=ApTzWrFxZexRQ3a5gpF.ex_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100914091713AA8Uek9

    She doesn't vaccinate:;_ylt=AjtYhYz6aRE_0L7J1U4qXizty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100905180222AA2Bhdv

    She's still selling and sadly still buying horses.

  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. Your just a talker If you were really worried about these horses you get up and do something besides sit here and talk about how bad they are treated!!

  76. I've just got a horse whom someone saved from the slaughter house. Sorry I can't be of help but this person is rude, ruthless, and cruel!

  77. u people are morons for believeing this stupid ass shit!!! she takes very good care of all her animals and loves them to death!! we will find out who posted this blog and we will press harassment charges!!

  78. Do you know what she's doing now? Taking free horses for "forever" homes and then selling them to slaughter if she can't get real money for them.

  79. More great fun from Melissa Sawiki
    A skinny yearling that she has already been lunging (which is terrible on a young horse's joints). That she wants to trade for a saddle because she is scaring up her horses.

  80. As if this is any surprise, she doesn't understand horse coat color genetics either. The stallion is solid black but yet "carries the roan gene"? hmmm not possible, if he was Rn/rn (heterozygous) or Rn/Rn (homozygous) for roan, he would be blue roan in color himself as the roan gene is always expressed in the coat color if it is carried. If he had a roan foal, it was from the dam being a roan. If I didn't know any better and bought a horse that was supposed to throw roan I would be highly pissed. The ignorance is amusing. Poor kid. POOR HORSES. I would make an attempt to bail them if I had my own place and didn't have to pay $315 a month in board(and didn't live 1100 miles away anymore), plus get the stallion cut. Someone needs to get in there and not mention "rescue" or harass her in any way, just speak politely and hope she sells the horses. I'm sure no one has an extra $500 sitting around to buy horses like that though, plus pay for the transport and the gelding and for any health issues this mare with "living or dead foal" may have.

  81. There is so much more on this girl, "momo". She sent me a friend requested over a year ago and I just accepted... then I started getting all of these updates about a horse she sold but they didn't pay and then they were starving her, yet she would cry and cry about the horse. When confronted with going and getting her back she would completely ignore those. Then immediately after came the posts that she was going to kill herself. I have worked in mental health and so I watched for a couple of signs... sure enough she posted the how and when which was now. I called from my home the police in MI, took a couple of calls to get to the right county and then sent officers out. They didn't take her in, but made her mother promise to take her. Which evidently she did. Then there was the constant drama with her boyfriend... then more and more horses. I finally one day told her you are not a horse lover you are a flipper and backyard breeder. My next step was the unfriend button.

    This girl is a monstor in the making.

  82. U all r dumb!!! If you have problems with all of this take care of it! I hate ppl like you where all u do is type on ur lil computers and act all tough. Just a bunch of pussies and push overs!!! Get a life and stop ruining others!

  83. omg! this dumb ass stuff has carried on for 2 years?? its ridicules.. you people aren't seriously adults are you? If so grow the hell up! Mind your own business!!!!

  84. This is her now...

  85. All this is, is Defamation, a Personal attache and made up statements, and emails, sure the pictures are real enough she can go and take any pictures from anyones pages she would like.
    i have been to the place, the home, i have had a horse trained by them and couldn't be happier.
    she has openly said "I will welcome ANYONE to come out, we have nothing to hide, not now not before not ever" what people don't even understand is she was not even 16yrs old when this blog took place, younger in the picture, she never owned the horses, and even know she pays board for the horse or two she does have, all you guys are doing is flaming the Jealous Rage between a FAMILY and Jealous person(s) i always have said. if you didn't SEE it your self and KNOW it as a fact. don't say it, spread it. Circle S Ranch is not her ranch, its just the place she boards. 2010 is a long time ago. maybe look at your self, did you make a terrible mistake? loose your temper? this is probably how this turned out.

  86. Now that you have read the LIES see the Truth posted in this blog, by a client of OURS. since this is two years old, they dont even have my birth year correct how much do you think they have right then? including the spelling of my last name. don't feed into this bs made by a very Jealous individual.

  87. THANK YOU for nailing this chick to the wall. She's not far from me, and has given most of the regular horse-sellers around here a bad name. She haunts Facebook and makes new groups for "Cheap Horses For Sale" constantly because people find out she's the moderator and refuse to join.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for outing this whackjob!

  88. Though she denies this as a 15 yr old her Mother is Responsible. Great Parenting; Don't you think? If these were lies then Momo the ball is your court. Prove it. Unfortunately the emails and phones numbers are traceable and YES little liar; it was you. Have a nice day.

  89. hummm I am confused to her claims about any info on them mustangs. The mare she posted: does not come with halter, but comes with papers. she stays until she has her baby and then next day shes gone. im asking 300$ for her. please offer. she doesnt leave here until she foals and foal doesnt go with her! no acceptions.
    it would be nice to get these guys good home together!!!! someone who wants to put a little mustang blood in there breeding programs. these guys are pure mustang! ((((bought as yearlings)))....
    So if she bought them as yearlings, who the hell abused the mare?
    (shes scared and shy of some people (((a man beat her))) so she cowers from men and likes children and young adults better then adult men)

  90. The auction she may have been referring to could be Shipshewana. They have auctions every Friday with lots of people coming in from out of state.

  91. Now on CL - she is selling horses because she has no hay.........I bet she burnt her hay supplier bridges. I bet they will all be emacipated before she takes them to auction!!!!

  92. THANK YOU!!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for blogging about this person! Beyond horrifying, and PRECISELY what is wrong with the horse industry in this area. :( Can you sent this as a guest post to fuglyblog? Would love to see this have a wider audience.

  93. Poor little girl; Life is too short to be miserable!

    Lake Diane Stable = Awesome! Nice try Momo!

    Momo Sawicki is bad mouthing JT and Lake Diane Stables and that animal abuser is so misinformed!! Talk about Jealousy!!! Shame on you -You are not 15 anymore NOW~

    Best trail ride we've ever been on. The horses are all broke and very friendly; and JT is such a down to earth professional. We had the Best time!!

    He has rescued 5 of his trail riding horses. He is really a good guy!

    He took a call that day and said that he could not accommodate a trail ride and told the caller of another riding stable with Buffalo = AWESOME!!

    I would not hesitate to promote Lake Diane Stable. Guided trail rides $25.00 on safe broke horses; all sizes too; I am not a lite weight and I was put on a draft Horse!!

    Lessons are $20.00 either Western or English. You can lease a horse and ride 3 times a week for $100.00. Can I just say AWESOME!!

  94. She has gone through so many pets, I am looking at her facebook now! Go on there and look at her pics. Sad sad story, I hope someone can do something about it.


  96. Omg, this one picture on her facebook is horrable....the horse is so skinny

  97. She's terrible, went to high school with her, never knew she was a horse girl, hell I couldn't keep it in, everyone knew I was horse crazy, but never ever a peep from her. My brother got in touch with momo to trade a horse, I knew Nothing about, after the trade was over, the horse my brother received from momo, was a freak , Nothing like What she had said. A day or two later, I see the horse on Facebook, the one my brother traded to momo.. she's bashing the horse and my brother, saying we told her it was kid safe and so on. My brother never told her that, in fact that's Why we were selling her, she was NOT safe for kids..I've barrel raced my whole life, not being rude, but I'm pretty good. Momo let her attitude get the best of her, saying I'm a terrible rider,she can ride circles around me and so on. So I asked momo to come to a speed show that my family puts on at the Charlotte fair grounds, momo never showed, this was back in 2010 or so the horse we ended up with from her was hurricane! Than the girl showed up this summer2013 to one of our shows, No horse, No trailer,.just her and a friend. They spotted my horse Bender, witch is another funny story, getting Bender from one of momos friends, Thank God she was just a baby, with amazing blood lines, that they didn't have time to mess her up. Her and the friend come over to my trailer, she says OMG is this Bender, your barrel race her? No she's just here. Of course I'm barrel racing her.. she than says Oh I never thought she would amount to anything. I bit my touch and said ya Well she did. Wanting to just tear into her, but I didn't. Than she goes on to ask about my other mare, my mustang barrel mare, I trained and rescued, with the help of my family. Hunny you don't have enough smarts or class to own my mustang Miley, she's been threw an owner like you, and she's to amazing to deal with that again, I'll forever own Miley, so I know she's safe and taken care of. Than the best part! She's a breed trainer seller Right?? Lol Well we all know better. She goes on to say her friend has a barrel horse, but she can't control it, when could I be available to come work with it. Lmao I about died... She's a scamer, lier, and just not a good horse person. My grandfather was a Wheeler dealer at auctions back in the dad before he passed, he was all about his money to, just like her, but I seen him turn down money for a horse, a family was going to buy for there daughter, when he heard that said he couldn't, he couldn't let No kid be hurt. Wish she had just a bit of heart like him. But guess not. Wish she would just be down with horses.. I promise were not like that from around here. God bless<3

    1. Brandy your such a liar. Miranda owns hurricane and he is a great horse. Now i know your TRUE colors. i never said ANY of those things. and i never said anything bad about bender. you said JAMIE said those things about her. all i said was she tried to sell me bender! and i didnt want an appy. ok? and you also own one of MY COLTS. he is an appy was named ACE. he was spots and was a square i sold him to Katie duke and somehow you guys have him and he is awesome i trained him as a yearling. not a fucked up horse right? how can you even say anything is true? you went to school with me? i was a freshman you were a senior hardly was i graduated that would mean im older then you right? grow up. i never wanted miley bender and i sold ace. so. withthat being said quite acting like your shit doesnt stink. if you have a problem then tell me. dont be posting lies.

    2. IF IM SO TERRIBLE why did you give me YOUR pregnant pitbull roxy that wasnt supposed to be pregnant? by her OWN brother mind you. if i was so terrible. your the lair.

  98. Is everyone aware she is still flipping horses (terribly), on facebook and is the admin for several Michigan horses for sale groups as Melissa Clacher.

  99. Holy cow. 6 years later and here we are. I hear about this all the time on FB. I can't keep up with it.

  100. the person in question was only 15yrs old when this blog was written, and craigslist ads were created, to sell off family horses to pay for the son's Funeral. drast times call for drastic measures the horses pictured are not starving or abused not sure why this is even up anymore... attacking a kid, and grieving family, with a bunch of false information, yea thats real adult like....

  101. the person in question was only 15yrs old when this blog was written, and craigslist ads were created, to sell off family horses to pay for the son's Funeral. drast times call for drastic measures the horses pictured are not starving or abused not sure why this is even up anymore... attacking a kid, and grieving family, with a bunch of false information, yea thats real adult like....

  102. Hey guys..this is gonna sound funny but melissa is actually my newborns aunt..all of you are totally right..those horses and others that she has now are unsafe..the farm is sickening. Her brother matt donahue my baby daddy is her so called business partner. They both beat on animals. Dont believe me ask them about the dead horses they have killed not to mention killed alot of dogs too. She has no job to supportv these horses. She buys them at an auction in indiana then flipa unhealthy horses for twice the amount and claims they are kid safe when they arent one horse even bites. Last i knew they have about 15-20 in one pasture. So if u want unsafe and unhealthy horses go to Melissa address is 20511 26 mile rd albion mi

  103. Hey guys..this is gonna sound funny but melissa is actually my newborns aunt..all of you are totally right..those horses and others that she has now are unsafe..the farm is sickening. Her brother matt donahue my baby daddy is her so called business partner. They both beat on animals. Dont believe me ask them about the dead horses they have killed not to mention killed alot of dogs too. She has no job to supportv these horses. She buys them at an auction in indiana then flipa unhealthy horses for twice the amount and claims they are kid safe when they arent one horse even bites. Last i knew they have about 15-20 in one pasture. So if u want unsafe and unhealthy horses go to Melissa address is 20511 26 mile rd albion mi

    1. That crazy bitch got pissed because I let someone know about her and messaged me. She looked up where I lived so I knew she knew (though she was wrong on part of it) and when I told her she didn't know shit about me, She told me "I know what your daughter looks like and where she goes to school ;)" then blocked me. Any information you would be willing to give me I would appreciate. I want it all together before I call the police.

    2. Let me know what you need I’ll give you as much info as I can.

  104. This comment has been removed by the author.

  105. Yes I agree 100% that Melissa Faye and her newest fiancé Jeremy S. Alber both love treating people like they do the animals they have on there so called farm. Like SHIT! They both love drama, love getting half dead animals and trying to flip them as good healthy animals. Absolutely no shelter for the horses that live there, put little children in danger on horses that aren’t kid safe without a saddle. House is completely disgusting with the amount of dogs and cats that live in it and including a small cow at one point. They have a electric fence for the horses and very young children that play outside in a muddy field that have already touched the fence due to the lack of being supervised. It wouldn’t take much for a horse to kick a child let alone a grown adult and hospitalize them or even kill them.

    Type here name up and you’ll find several other post or forums about her in the horse community!