Friday, July 9, 2010

FFFS - QH Stallion

This is a case of a stallion that might actually one day be well known - if he had owners that actually KNEW how to market a stallion prospect. 

This is so obviously NOT the way to market a stallion prospect. I wonder if they even groomed him for this picture, or if they just simply put the halter on him and took 5 steps backwards to take the picture. 

If I were actually looking to breed a mare right now - I would consider this guy just on his bloodlines alone. But, that picture would turn me away in about 2.3 seconds. And I wouldn't give him a second thought. 

Sonny Dee Bar/Peppy San Badger QH Stud!!! - $250 Heza Rappin Cowboy 2002 Black Quarter Horse Stallion standing at stud for 2010 breeding season. Ringo stands at 14.3 Jet black with a TON of muscle! Great confirmation and an impeccable disposition. Very calm for a stallion, VERY willing to please and LOVES to be loved on, I believe he will carry down his amazing traits to his foals. Ringo's breeding fee is low because he is new to breeding. 

Sonny Dee Bar, Peppy San Badger, Three Bars, Poco Bueno, Blondys Dude, Reynolds Rap, Win or Lose, Mr Bar None, King are all in his bloodlines!!!! If you want a nice speed prospect or halter prospect with GREAT bloodlines... This could be the stud to breed to!!! :) 

Dam: Dudes Fashion Bug 
Sire: Rappin Ringo 


Like I said, I actually would consider this horse as a stallion prospect if he were cleaned up, presented to show him in the absolutely best way possible, AND if they actually mentioned some sort of performance record. As he is presented right now, we have no idea if he's ever even left that mud filled pasture he's pictured in ONE TIME in his entire life. Thats not a good thought to put into a mare owners head when they are stallion shopping.

I've been over the whole bad picture thing with other stallions before - ad nauseum. So I won't rant over that again here. But this is a perfect example of a stallion that might actually be GREAT, if he was just marketed the right way.

(Again, I have lost track of who sent me this and if it was sent. I need a better system for that!)

BTW, I didn't win the ebay auction on the Breyer Appy that wasn't an Appy that I posted earlier this week. Someone outbid me by a whole $.25 Cents while I was at work 2 nights ago lol. Oh Well. I'm sure there will be others in the future ;).

And, I have listed the Amber CM up for sale on the MH$B. Just curious to see if it will sell as it is. If it doesn't I'll try my hand at painting it and hopefully *not* ruin it ;-).


  1. Well... he has a facebook page with better pictures.... but still no info

  2. He's not a bad looking horse, but if I were to make a 'serious inquiry' I would want better & different photos or I would go see him myself if possible.

    A lot of people seem to hold to the belief that a true horse people can see through the dirt. We can. But we shouldn't have to...

    Funny they should mention he is quiet. Our studs are ALL quiet! So much so that one farrier said about our 4 y/o colt, "He's nice, but he's too quiet to be a stallion." WTH??????

    Another blogger knows of and uses this farrier. Seems to think he hung the moon to listen to her... Newsflash! He's not all that.

  3. A good friend of ours actually bought him... Gelded him, and He's now on his way to becoming a good riding/performance GELDING! Awesome boy though. :)