Thursday, July 8, 2010

More Babies Being Ridden

Since I keep getting these in my email, I will continue to post them. I'm gonna knock out a few in one post today. 

Adorable pony, about 15 months old, sweet but needs some attention, I think she has some appy in her, she has changed from white to a grey color with a white mane and tail. She is about 11 hands, pretty small, I don't think she will get much larger. We bought her for our 2 year old and have had her on her back leading her around and she did fine, but just don't have the time to give her the attention she needs to keep her disciplined. To good home only. Call or email. (530) ---------. 

"These people sound like they know nothing about horses.  This pony is not even a year and a half old and of course they have their 2 year old kid on it. "

Of course!

No Pictures with that one. 

I am selling my mini pony he is only 1 yr old he was born May 1st 2009, he is only halter broke, very friendly and very cute. I will only let him go to a good home were he can be taken care of properly. For more info email me and i will answer as soon as i can. I am asking $600 obo, 

Oh, just LOOK at this guy!

"This is a cute little TEENY TINY guy!  It's too bad he is 'only 1 year old' and 'only halter broke' and yet they have this GIANT saddle on him.  I especially love the line in the ad where they say 'I will only let him go to a good home were he can be taken care of properly.'  Maybe he can get a home with someone who will use a saddle that's not bigger than him!"

I have to seriously wonder if they were even able to get the cinch completely done up, or if its just been taken off of the saddle. I don't see it on the ground and the leather strap on the ground I think is the strap used to connect the cinch to the saddle. (Forgive me, having a COMPLETE blond brain fart here and have forgotten what the name of that strap is.) I can't see under the stirrup there to see if the cinch is hiding behind it, but no matter where the cinch is that saddle is so not appropriate for that little guy. Its not even cute. Cute would be a saddle made specifically FOR miniature horses - thats a pony saddle. But the fact that the mini is only a year old detracts from whatever 'cuteness' this picture might otherwise have held. 

(Both of the above ads, and the quoted comments were from Celeste :D)

And one more, this one has been in my 'to use' folder for some time (since March????), so I have lost track of where I got it from. If you sent it to me, let me know in the comments, full credit to you!

She is a two and a half year old. She is supposed to be black but she is sun bleached and she looks chestnut. If you put her in a stall she will go back to being black. She is a very good horse and will cross anything you put her up against. But yet, she does have one little problem. She tends to throw a little fit when you first get on her. Other than that shes a good horse. She needs to go to a good home where she will be loved as much as she was here. She needs to go to an experienced rider! I was working with her alot but then I got a job and dont really have much time for her. You can email me at and we can go from there. I will only take serious offers on her. If you're not serious then please dont wait my time. 

If I remember correctly, the reason this ad found me was due to the 'one little problem'. I know 2.5 years isn't really considered a 'baby' anymore, but in my book it still is. Her issue of throwing a fit when someone gets on her tells me she's most likely got some holes in her training from whomever started her. 

I'd also like to mention that getting a job does not automatically mean the animals go. I know of plenty of people that work, many MORE than full time, and still have time for not just one horse, but several. I think that was just an excuse used to help with the guilt involved in trying to sell a horse that has behavior issues. I really had suspicions back when I first read this ad that the 'little fit' was a lot more than that. I'm thinking probably a LOT more, actually. 

But, thats the story of so many horses we see on here anyways. Gotta love the picture, too, don't you!

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  1. So sad...and with the very last one, it may not be behavioral at all...I'd be willing to put money on that horse needing to see a chiro! My 4yr old -the minute she has a rib out displays "behavior" issues such as bucking. If she is out at her poll she will grind her teeth. She had a shoulder out and was stiff in that direction. She gets adjusted and day or so off from work and is fantastic again.

  2. I work full time, and run a boarding stable, have a 3 year old son, and I show in dressage. People are just lazy.

    As for that miniature, your not supposed to ride them, they arent built for riding but so many people do ride them. Had a friend that had serveral world champion minis and she would just flinch at the thought of someone riding them (ok yes she had the mini arab look alikes) but its still the same :)

  3. Amanda- I hear you on the busy schedule and People are lazy. I have a full time job, an hour commute each way, am trying to get my own business started, a teenager, the twins, 10 horses and 4 dogs. I am working on getting the pony trained to drive and the WB mare under saddle so I can show them both in the fall. For the most part- I am the crash test dummy for both.

    It can be done, it just depends on how badly you want it!

  4. I think I might have sent you the magical color-changing filly ad... I live in Illinois so those are the ads I browse.

    I definitely remember seeing the ad, but I can't remember if I emailed it! :-D

  5. Do you see the looooong hooves on that mini? Bordering on neglect there....