Wednesday, July 7, 2010

OT: This is why I love ebay sometimes...

So, I've been haunting ebay for the last few weeks trying to pick up breyers dirt cheap. I am bidding (and currently winning) on this item but I had to share, cause if this were an ad on CL, I would so post it. 

Does that LOOK like an Appy to most of you? LOL. This is what the description says: 

Breyer Horse
I believe this to be an Appaloosa Horse but not making any guarantees!  I'm definately not an expert on breeds of horses but it resembles several of the others that have been listed on eBay!
The paint on this horse is very neat and the marking next to it's mane is only present on the one side that shown in the photo.  The other side is solid brown.
This Breyer Horse has not been cleaned, so it will arrive with some dirt, I didn't want to take the chance to ruin any of the original paint.  I am going to say that there is paint missing from the top of the ear but it could have originally been painted and was missed.  It is marked Breyer on the inside of it's hind leg. 
Tail & Front Leg are raised as you can tell from the photo. 
If you have any questions about this horse, please ask before bidding, I do not accept any returns.
I ship via the USPS on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays.
Paypal and Personal Checks Accepted.
Thanks for viewing this item and please view my other auctions for other Breyer Collectible Horses.

I find this to be highly amusing! This "appaloosa" (if and when it arrives to me) will be subject to the model horse version of a chop shop hehe. I plan on going very Sweeney Todd on it but I promise she/he will come out just fine. (Hey, I need something to practice painting on!) I haven't yet gone and ID'd the Breyer in the auction but I'm at least pretty sure that the paint job isn't an Appy!


  1. I wish I had known this years ago. I had a few expensive breyers that I broke years ago, that I finally threw out, or gave away. I might still have a few lying around.

  2. ... I think that's one of the rarer ones, from the "mare and foal" sets. I *think.*


  3. Still have a bunch of my Breyers around. All packed neatly away. They do not collect dust that way. But they also cannot be seen that way either. My first one was the black morgan, No. 48. Back when they used one mold, painted it one way and called it one thing. They seemed more collectable to me back then.

    I love the paint horse being an appy tho. That's funny.