Thursday, April 15, 2010

Today we have another stupid parent just begging to have their kid hurt, or even killed. 

So does anyone want to take a guess as to why this horse is being offered up for sale? 

I'll give you three hints. The horse is or is not a kids horse? The horse is or is not too big for the child? The horse does or does not need an experienced rider? 


*IF* you can get around the horrible spelling, read between the lines here a bit. Then compare to the picture above. 

THIS IS ANOTHER REASON I WRITE THIS BLOG. As a person that was responsible for starting children off on the right 'hoof' (as it were), teaching lessons to beginners and first timers, this type of basic stupidity makes me want to scream bloody murder. 

Its absolutely wonderful that this mom wants a horse for her daughter. Did she ever once consider taking the child to a professional instructor first? NOPE. I seriously doubt it. No, we have a mom that was so gung-ho on getting her child what the child wanted, that she probably went out and bought the first horse that came along. 

And she ended up with a mare that her daughter can't ride (except for BAREBACK, NO HELMET, AND NOBODY HOLDING THE FREAKING HORSE), is too big, and is too much horse.

I am not against children riding horses. I think children NEED to ride horses, because when taught properly, it sets the child up for learning all sorts of good life skills. Responsibility, caring for others, caring for animals, the value of hard work, the thrill of accomplishment when mastering a skill such as Posting, and the joy one takes in seeing another living being contented and happy in their lives are all some things that kids (well, and adults too) learn by being around horses.  Plus its just downright FUN!

I am also NOT against children riding bareback. AGAIN, when taught properly, say with a helmet, and the horse is either on a lead line or lunge line for the first, IDK, 20 or 30 times? Bareback riding increases the strength of the muscles used in riding, promotes a better balanced seat, and allows the rider to truly feel the horse under them. 

A rider first starting out bareback should never ever ride alone, and often on a lead or lunge is way preferable to the alternative of the horse spooking because they know something is a little different, and they are on edge because of it. Or just hyper excited, as some horses get when they realize there is no saddle involved. Hyped up horse often turns into a spooked out horse, and what happens when we have spooks? Horse goes weird directions like sideways, and the rider, not having a decently balanced bareback seat yet, goes the other direction. This is why its recommended to have someone else with you for a while. 

BUT this ad is a fucking joke, 'scuse my language. This picture, and the absolute plethora of parents that don't realize they could LOOSE THEIR CHILDREN by this 'cuteness', makes me want to go absolutely postal and start screaming at these parents. 

I refrain of course, save screaming on here. I thus also give YOU all permission to scream and rant as well.

Commence the screaming. (and thank you, Sarah, for emailing the ad to me!)


  1. *bangs head on desk repeatedly*

  2. There has only ever been one horse in my lifetime, that I was comepletely comfortable sitting on her with not even so much as a halter on her.

    Our current horses are good, but you just never know when shit is going to happen. And yes, we all know, shit happens. When it does, it happens fast.

    I won't ever catch my girls on a horse that's 'too big' 'too much' or whatever, with a camera in my hand. That's for sure...

  3. these are the ads I stumble upon and directly respond too by pointing out the idiocy. that person probably shoulnd't be allowed to have children!

    Please keep these coming!