Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2 Happy Happy Updates!

I could not wait until tomorrow to post these updates. 

1st... the perlino TB mare "Pearl" that I have been obsessively watching on marestare and mentioned on Tuesdays blog foaled a colt earlier this afternoon! :D Owned by True Colors Ranch, they were expecting at minimum another Cremello or Perlino, but were HOPING for the worlds first smokey cream Thoroughbred. The colt on the black and white feed is dark, and reports from TC posted on Horse Grooming Forums

Quoted from the thread, "She said he's coloured like nothing she's ever seen, is quite dark, has a dorsal stripe and a chocolate brown tail. I've just texted TC Junior to bring the camera to mom so we can get some colour pics. Donna said she'd do it tomorrow... I said no.  That's where TC Junior is being dragged in. But the most important thing... both are doing great!" 

Congratulations to Pearl, True Colors Farm and to the buyer in Germany who purchased the smokey cream and perlino options in utero. LOL. As his color is determined to the best it can be, I'll update here. Cause this is just cool :). 

2nd... and this is even more exciting to me than the foal's birth!

On my March 9th blog post, I posted three ads with three horses that needed some serious upgrades. 

The third horse was this 2 year old Arab Gelding, being offered for $50. Remember him? 

His story affected a lot of our readers, though there are no comments on the thread itself. I received a few private emails regarding him, and was unable to find any updates, repostings, or news on him in the WI Craigslist. He haunted me, just like a lot of others, and It really bothered me that I wasn't able to follow up on his story. 

Earlier tonight I received another email regarding him. She was asking for the phone number on the ad because she was going to follow up on him and see if he had found a home yet or not. I went through about 30 minutes of panic, searching through nearly a gig's worth of saved ads to find the original ad. Luckily I had the original copy saved from before I removed the contact information, and sent it back to her. 

She did some research, and within an hour had emailed me back with some good news. 

She found a thread on the Arabian Breeders forum - apparently they had also seen the ad, and were trying to find a placement for him. Several calls had been made to the seller, with messages left, none of which had yet to be returned. 

Well, this guy DID end up with a happy ending! A wonderful lady saw the ad with a friend, and within 24 hours, had paid the $50 for him, and had gotten him out of there. His name is now 'Comet', as her rescuer friend has a same age arab gelding she named 'Vixen'. :D 

I am awaiting account approval for the forums as we speak, so once I acquire permissions to post, I will contact the person who rescued him, and see if I can get also get permission to post more pictures here for you all. 

She reports that he's a doll, btw! Thank you very much Kelly for your research, and for being willing to take a chance that he'd still be rescue-able! 

See, this is exactly the reason I started this blog. Even though it wasn't because of this blog that he found a loving new home, I really had nothing to do with it, it just makes me that much more motivated to keep on keepin' on with posting these horrible ads - because someone somewhere out there will feel that pull deep down to find an extra place in their barn for a soul that deserves that second chance. 

Keep checking back for more updates... there's definitely more to come on his story! Once I get permission on reposting the pictures, I'll get them up asap. I just couldn't wait till morning to post this great news!!!!! 


  1. I'm so happy he found a home! He haunted my soul as well!!

    There was an ad for a Paso Fino mare a week or two ago floating around Illinois CL... She seemed like a decent mare to me (on par with yesterday's horse) but she was priced at only $300!! The owner said the reason the price was so low was because the mare had issues with her head being handled and was hard to bridle. That seems like a huge price reduction for a fairly mild problem... I wonder what the whole story is?

    I haven't been able to find the ad again, so maybe someone has already bought her.

  2. Here are the replays of Pearl's birth for anyone that missed it & wants to see it...

    He's perlino ro smoky cream and people are even throwing around a double dilute brown possibility.. TCF has pulled tail hair and is sending it off for genetic testing =)

    and that's GREAT news Comet has found a loving new home!

  3. I'm so glad to hear this. I just found you and that boy's condition had me in a full-on mad.

  4. Yes I agree. There was actually about 15 people on the ABN board that were trying to get a hold of the owner before the lady that bought him posted.

    But... He was worse than the pictures really show. I know I keep promising the updates and story, but am still waiting for a few things. Soon, I hope! I just don't want to step on anybodys toes... and If I don't receive what I am waiting for, I'll post what I know anyways. :) It is truly a happy ending.