Friday, April 9, 2010

FFFS #5: The Curly Stud, + Updating A Prior FFFS

There are breeds of horses that I will admit I don't know that much about. I am, however, all about education and furthering our knowledge of all breeds, so when I was sent this ad, my initial reaction was something.... different. 

The Curly Horse is a horse I am familiar with, but only through a distance. There was a girl I used to be quite good friends with who owns a solid chestnut curly gelding. She raves about him, and so my impressions of Curly horses were pretty much based on him. He however, was solid chestnut, and thus I just rather thought that all curly horses were solid colors. 

They are not, as I am finding out today. This particular stud is an appaloosa colored stud. 

I will admit, I first started out today with a title of "The AppaCurlyLoosa Stallion", but while searching google for images of Appys and Curlys to compare the two breeds together, discovered that Curly horses come in ALL colors - Pinto, Appy, Roan, etc. Some are quite wildly colored! 

Oh wait - that means we have a rare breed, with some unusual hair coat, with... can we all say it now... KOLOR! 

Some of the Curly horses I have been looking at this morning are of course, down right stunning. 

Lets look at those, before our ad, shall we? The lovely mare below is a pure Curly. 

Granted she's a buckskin or dun pinto but she's got a NICE shoulder, nice extension, a lovely hip, deep hocks, and a very pretty head. Her name is Painted Dunn Deal. 

I also found a very, very nice looking stallion by the name of Sandmans' Magic. Here is a link to a video of him competing at First Level, Test 1. Its so refreshing to see stallions out there, being used, and given a job, isn't it? 

Now, having brought forth these wonderful horses, who have owners that have given the horses jobs, are out there doing their thing, and trying to properly promote their breed, we have somewhat of a breed standard to go by. 

Then - nasty 'ol craigslist comes along, and since its just a breeding cesspool for the cheapskates, the short-cutters, and the ones looking for a quick buck, you KNOW what comes is gonna make your eyes just BLEED. 

Are you ready for the ad yet? Oh, by now I'm sure you are. 

Ad Text: Curly Stallion - Available Stud, $200 Stud fee + $5 a day mare care - $200 (Fallon) My Curly stallion had his first baby born today. He had a Palomino Curly Stud colt with a white blanket on his but and Palomino spots. He has steel blue eyes, 4 white hooves and is a curly. I have included his picture on this ad so you can see what a nice foal he is. I've also included pictures of the dad when he is a blue roan and a red roan he changes during the year. If your interested in breeding your mare this year just give me a call. 

Mr. Curly Stud is on the top, and ..... we have another medicore, KOLORED, 'rare breed' stallion being offered for stud services that has done nothing to prove himself, and is nothing spectacular. That wild coat pattern on him they say goes from Red Roan to Blue Roan... so THAT must be why he still has his balls. He's a Majikal Kolour Changing Superstallyon! 

Kudos to "Sallywhoa" who sent it to me, her line about how her "mare would need a bucket of rufies before this would look appealing.  Curly AND Appy... double bonus!" made me laugh. She is right! Some roans are really nice... this guy just looks like someone melted a bunch of crayons together and dumped it over his back. Not terribly appealing, I will say! 

Before all you Appaloosa fans out there go bat-shit crazy on me for dissin' the color, lemme say that the color is just a side note. He's being featured because he's a no-name stallion that does NOT need to be breeding right now. 

See, even though I go on and on about the people that breed these wild colors, I really do not have any moral objections to seeing what you can get by breeding some of these colors together. Its when the stallion and mare are horses that haven't done JACK SHIT in their lives except breed and eat and poop and we get 'really nice foals' that AREN'T

There are just soooooo many horses out there that can not find homes that ARE well trained, and ARE wonderful family members for really low prices. 

I can't even tell what breed of mare she is! Is she an Appy? Is she a Quarter Horse? Is she a Curly? Whatever she is... she is certainly nothing special to look at in these pictures. 

This ad screams BYB to me. Just another family that needs to get a ride from the clue bus.

We ended up with a palomino horse with butt spots. Wonderful. Do you plan on keeping that baby forever? Because in this market, good luck finding a buyer for him. (Even if he's half/full Curly.)


In continuing with our run of updates this week, I was surprised to find in my inbox last night a note from Sheryl, who originally sent me the ad for the Saddlebred Stallion standing in a mud filled trailer park being offered for stud services

Well, I guess their pictures really didn't do any good OR bring in any mares (WHAT AN F'ING SURPRISE!) and now he's up for sale. 

Guess what! They also learned how to use a hose! 

Anyone in Fresno that can go save this guy? Or at least, know of any rescue groups, message boards we can mention him on? They ONLY want $500! I wonder if they might be willing to bargain down some, since they were willing to take $250 for the stud fees? If anyone is interested, please note that I posted the UN-Edited copy of the screenshot with the email address to contact the sellers, and HERE is the link directly to the ad. They did not post a phone number on the ad, so it is email only contact. If one of you all do go get him, please please let me know! I'd love to feature his story and you like I did with Comet if you want. 


  1. I wish that I could go get this guy, but I am in Oklahoma. I love saddlebreds and while this is definitely not the best specimen of the breed he would certainly be improved with gelding. And a bath. My current horse is a pinto saddlebred that was abandoned. No papers but he has a slightly nicer build than this guy.

  2. Well, that last picture that makes him look like a black and white giraffe certainly doesn't help him any in the looks department!

  3. It's one thing for an owner to make the personal choice to put off gelding a (does NOTHING)stallion for whatever reason if the situation is handled with care & responsibility. But it's a completely different story when they try to get rid of that same horse still in tact! I see ads all the time with people trying to sell their 2+ year old stallions that have done nothing but mow the grass their whole lives. And it always gets me when the owners remark about their stallions manners. Here is an ad that will probably get under your skin:
    "Not very studish at all." OMG!?!? Really? Who are they trying to convince here?

  4. I know someone with a curly appy who definitely fits in the "good" mold. He's very colorful so appeals to those who want that... but he's also built to work - at 5 he has dressage training started, and he'll start being ridden over fences soon. Neat mover, athletic... you know, the kind of things you should focus on BEFORE you look at color!

  5. The Kiger stallion has some very good people on his side. They are VERY willing to geld him.

    There is NO need to feature that ad on this site, knowledgable people are in place to make sure that boy gets a good home.