Thursday, April 8, 2010

Comet's Story

For all of you that have been following this week, last night I posted an update on the 2 1/2 year old Arabian Gelding, who was just not only miserable, but looked like he had been torn up by a paper shredder. I promised that when I had the full story, I'd post. I have part of it, what I can post now, I am. 

Who could forget him? I got email after email asking after his fate. I had NO answers at all. I could not find a re-post of the ad, and well, he was posted for the one or two days, and then just disappeared. 

Since he was in WI, and I'm in AZ, going to get him myself was not really an option. This blog had not yet gotten enough readers yet to be able to post that "HELP" message, and I wasn't yet familiar with websites such as the Arabian Breeders Network. 

Sometimes happy endings to happen to horses like him. His saving angel is an 18 year old girl that didn't even think twice about paying the $50 it took to get him out of that hell hole. Thats less than a full tank of gas for most of us. Sounds like a bad charity commercial, but thats the truth. 

So Megan and her friend, who also owns a 2 year old Arab gelding, went to go get him. She deserves a massive kudos for having the guts to step up and not just say "Oh thats terrible. Someone should help him."

There were also several others that did step up and make the effort to save him. Last night, I received an email from a wonderful reader (Katherine) asking for the phone number from the ad. I had many people email me and ask for the full ad but never specifically for the phone number. I wasn't even sure If I still had the original copy of the screen cap, but I did, and sent it off to her. A little less than an hour later, she let me know that he had found a home, and sent me the link to a thread on the Arabian Breeders Network Site. 

On ABN's board, they have a section for cases just like his, and had picked up on the ad as well. They were networking, and doing their best to try to find him a place. Several members called the phone number repeatedly trying to get a current situation report, but no messages had been returned by the seller. 

Well, here comes in Megan, who is already an ABN member, saying she went and got him! 
Her words, "I just wanted everybody to know, I bought him. I saw the ad myself on craigslist and picked him a up a day later. He's in really rough shape. He has hardly any muscle mass and absolutely no fat on him. His hips are sticking out, and his ribs are more than visible. He was so matted with mud and dirt that it took us 2 hours to try and brush half of it off. We also found a wire tangled in his tail. He is a sweetheart though. He just sat and let us take care of him for nearly 3 hours. "

Unfortunately, he's wasn't the only horse on the property. The seller has 6 other animals that are in nearly as bad shape as he is. 

The pictures posted on the ad... don't tell the full story. 

Do you SEE HIS SPINE? He would not go any higher than a 1. A few more days and he would have been gone. They parked him temporarily in the garage, but hey, that garage is STILL a better place for him than that dump he came from. 

Now, look very carefully at the end of his tail. It LOOKS like it might just be a part of his tail, rat-knotted, half fallen out, and just hanging, right? 


Its that piece of wire intertwined in his tail, and most likely around the bone. 

The previous owner is currently being turned in by Megan. YES!!!!!! Should I repeat that she's 18? Most adults have semi-low opinions of teenagers - they are lazy, don't care about anything, self centered, know it alls, yadda yadda yadda. 

I'd say this lady showed up an entire FREAKING TOWN FULL OF PEOPLE.

I, on behalf of myself, and all of the readers of this blog, would like to humbly thank you for having the steel balls to stand up and do what many other people DID NOT DO. You went and REPORTED THE ASSHOLE to the authorities. 

Lets see that wire again, shall we? Its not just 2-3 inches long. 

The end of it gets a bit lost in whatever is coiled up on the bench, but you get the idea. It looks to be at least 6 inches, doubled up. 


Quoting Megan, "The guy had 6 horses, and they were all pretty skinny. Comet was by far the worst. The best looking horse he has is his mini. I'm in the process of turning in him in for neglect.

Then in a few posts down, "But the guy didn't want to get rid of any more horses, he was actually making room for another one. Pretty much it was terrible. "

OMG. Can we please starve people that do this to their animals? PLEASE? Hes getting ready to purchase another horse. Of course he is! 

These are the people that will not stop at abusing animals. I really wish I had this guys name, because I'd just LOVE to find out what kind of background he's got. 

But, I don't.
You just Gotta love the fact that he's IN the Garage. :)She said he stood there like a champion and just soaked up the attention. You can just see that is soooo true! This poor boy had most likely never received a pat, a kind word, a stroke on the neck, and we all know he sure didn't get any food! I am just floored by how much these animals will withstand.

Now lets compare that to his original ad pictures. The one to the top left is after, the one below is before. 

Abso-friggin-lutely amazing, what just a few hours of care can do. He looks sooo gosh darn HAPPY in that garage, doesn't he? How about that face? Does he not just look like he thinks he's died and gone to horsey heaven!? 

There isn't a person on the face of this planet that can't tell me that he doesn't KNOW his life was saved, and that his life is already better. The difference in expressions is priceless.   


That was all back in March - uploaded to the ABN board on the 13th. The original ad was posted on March 8th. Its been a few weeks. Ya'll wanna see him after nearly 3 weeks of food, care, and with a knowledgeable, caring owner? 

Meet the new "Comet"!

Megan named him "Comet" because her friend that went with her to get him also has a 2 year old Arabian Gelding named "Vixen". I just LOVE that. :D

Amazing what hay can do, huh? Again, I simply cannot get over this. I just cannot say it enough. THIS is why I started this blog. Not for the entertainment value, not so much for my own blood pressure (though, daily venting IS helping), not to piss people off. 

I started it to be able to help horses like this because there are just so many. I am a single mom of two that simply can't get financially involved with rescuing horses right now... but this I CAN DO. This is my stand in the fight against this horrible epidemic that is sweeping the US. I can use the power of free speech, and free Blogger, and scream, rant, rave, plead, post, network, and maybe, just MAYBE, save a desperate soul or two. I'm not a religious freak, not doing it for prestige, nor fame. My goal is simple, and straightforward - 

To place and save as many of these as I can. 'Cause I'm in it for the long haul. 

So, please, I am asking you all. If you have just one friend that is into horses, owns, rescues, or just likes to watch them run in a pasture. Please tell them to start paying attention to this blog. I am not doing this for selfish reasons - the more people we can network together, the better chance that cases like Comet's here have to make it to that happy ending. I will definitely keep up with his progress, and as Megan posts pictures, I'll of course update everyone here. 

Now, tomorrow will be the Friday Featured Fugly Stallion as per usual. It will mark the 4th one for the blog - and I will have a new ad with a stallion that just ... fits the FFFS label soooooo well, as well as another update on one of the past FFF Studs. 

See you back here tomorrow! I'm off to go back to the marestare cameras. I need more happy happy and watching baby horses being born is about as happy as things can get!


  1. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  2. Big thank you to Megan =) and hopefully the authorities will do something to the man who had him just days away from death!

  3. I received an email this morning from a person who has the ability to make sure things get 'done'. I have already forwarded it to Megan. Keep your fingers crossed!

  4. Hey Megan! Yeah I want to see this big guy. :D You did a great job! I know Comet is very thankful you came to his aid. It's so nice to say that one of my best friends did such a heroic thing. :D

  5. Thank you guys so much! Comet is doing very well right now. And he's such a sweetie too (:

    I really appreciate all of the support from everybody because my dad did not support my decision to get Comet.

  6. I'm sure your dad really cares. You both have an environment to grow and be happy.

  7. I'm a friend of Megan and her sisters; Was over at their place just a couple days ago. You should see him now! Great looking horse and will definitely make a well-mannered mount!