Thursday, April 8, 2010

More Updates, and Yes, An Ad.

I am still gathering information on the story of "Comet", the little Arab Gelding. Just as soon as I'm allowed to post the info, I will share, I promise!

For today, I think I might just continue the theme I have going the last 2 days... foals! Since I got all the happy news last night about Comet and came home from work to find that "Pearl" had foaled, I'm not in so much of a 'fire and brimstone' mood today. :) So I'm going to post a bit of a lighter ad today. Still blog worthy.....

.....'Cept... this guy NEEDS a happy ending. I have emailed the owner to find out if he's been placed yet, still awaiting any possible responses. If I were any where near FL, I'd be all over this guy. 

She rescued him from starvation, and now she needs to find him a new home. She is demanding $200 'cash only'. Is this normal for this situation? 

Ad Text: C A S H - O N L Y! 

MUST find a home.

"Gage" was severly neglected when he came to me. His body score was below 1. He could not get up for two days. It was absolutely pathetic to watch him try to move around.
He was lethargic for days.
Finally with good nutrition, and antibiotics he is gaining weight VERY rapidly!
His heath is increasing everyday.
Now he runs around, and is very active.

I sadly knew the owners of this baby horse and had to watch him deteriorate.
He is built like a GOD when is is back to full weight and health. Dont let his bony
figure frighten you off! This boy will make a wondfully athletic and family horse in
the future. Hes got it all.

hes a very gentle little boy, very respectful. He has a bright eye and is ready to be loved on! Gage still needs a considerable amount of weight but is SO much better than when he first arrived.
He needs an experienced horse person that is willing to give time to this baby horse.
Hes good natured and will grow up to be a wonderful horse!
$200 rehoming fee.

313 xxx xxxx
(Both parents are registered horses, with amazing temperments, however Gage was not registered, and the stallion does not belong to the person the colt did so unfortunately i do not believe he can be registered.)

She does not list breed, OR age, yet she knows the sire/dam. Why did she not list bloodlines at 
least? She knows them. I'd like to guess that he might be an Arabian judging from the hip and neck?  Kinda hard to tell. He sure sounds like an 'oops' breeding that the mare owners wanted real bad to just 'go away'...

She seems have done a good job starting the rehab process... I'm curious to know why he's suddenly got to go. 

Any body out there in this area that can maybe check on him ? I'm willing to pass along contact info on him via email. 

Isn't he adorable? That little snip is soooo begging to be kissed daily. 

Speaking of absolutely adorable foals - I was checking up on the progress of Pearls newborn colt this morning, and was so pleased to see some pictures of the little guy. Last night he was being a typical boy baby and had decided that after the first 2 or 3 bottle feedings of colostrum (milked and bottle fed because thats just what they do to make sure the baby gets enough), that he wasn't going to make any effort to find the milk bar himself. 

Well that made for some serious entertainment as the world watched as he'd suckle every part of mom except her udder. Donna and helpers were on hand and watching very closely, every so often you'd see her come in, hold Pearl, and they'd assist the colt. She said on the HGF's that they had to make him think he was just going to STARVE! :D *giggle*. 

There is still a feeling that he very well might be the worlds first smokey cream thoroughbred - she has already pulled the hairs for testing this morning. 

Ya'll wanna see him? I'm SURE you do!

(Can't be all serious all the time, now can we! Not during foaling season I sure can't!) :D


  1. Both are very cute babies!! I see a lot of "cash only" requirements, I think because a lot of people are worried about getting bad checks these days. They may have gotten burned in the past.

    Check out this one! Not worth a post, but a great read nonetheless...

    This ad is VERY weird... Is there anything more suspicious than someone shouting, "I have ABSOLUTELY NO HIDDEN AGENDA!"

    Would you answer this ad? I mean, $50 for an hour is fantastic, but WTF!?

  2. Would like to see what "color" he decides he will be....and I agree with the check thing. Too easy to write and soooo hard to collect....

  3. hmmm, if i talked to her first maybe. It could be that she simply DOES want the picture with a horse for promotional reasons - maybe a company or a real estate agent?

    Grasping at straws, but who knows. Yes, I MIGHT. IF she's paying for the picture, and the photographer... I'd want to find out if it was going to be on her wall at home, or being used promotionally. If its promotionally... hell if its a stud she were using, thats free advertising LOL.

  4. Gage sounds like he got taken in by this lady, fed up a bit and then the lady began running low on money or can't get enough feed or enough funds simply to continue to support him. To me that's what it sounds like... She needs 200$ for more feed/ some form of money, needs it in cash either because she's afraid of being scammed or just needs the money now and since he's a rescue she can try to get him a home still looking underweight and get 'rescue fee' for him.

    This is just a 'worst case scenario' assumption though. It just screams somethings wrong to me.

    And to address Pearl's baby, Guess who was watching the marecam when he was born!? =D such a cutey! It would be so cool if he stayed that champagne color