Friday, April 16, 2010

FFFS #6: His Mane is a Main Quality

When deciding to breed your mare, there are certain things you look for in a stallion. Quality conformation, a decent personality, good looks, a decent show record, and maybe what his other offspring have accomplished? These are all things that I would expect any mare owner with some common sense to look at and consider when stallion shopping. 

Would a thick Mane be one of the MAIN qualities you'd look for? I can see having that be on the list, but maybe at like stallion selling point number 110. 

Then again, I guess it depends on the breed you are looking at, right? Quarter Horses and Paints aren't really known for their long, thick, manes and tails, though some reining stallions can really grow 'em long. Most 'saddle' horses, long is ok, but they tend to be a bit thin sometimes. Now the Baroque breeds - Lippys, Friesians, Paso Finos, Andys - they all are known for their excessive hair, and its more of a given there. Its expected. 

Ad Text: Tired of breeding for color and getting a breeding stock paint? We have a gray and white Tobiano stallion that stands 15.2 hands. He has been tested and is homozygous for the tobiano gene. We have bred him to both colored and solid mares and he has produced color-two tri-colors, four black and white, and two brown and white. All have his thick mane and tail, great dispositions and good confirmation. 

It's breeding season and time to plan for that 2011 paint baby. His pictures don't do him justice (we've been told several times.) Contact us for more info, pedigree and/or pics. Asking $300 plus mare care. Inquiries welcome.

Pictures show stud and his 2010 tri colored filly (out of a buckskin paint). 

But, we have a stallion being marketed on the basis that his mane and tail are worth breeding to him for. 

I shall let you all judge for yourself, I think. 

Yea, I'm not quite so impressed here. The owners say he's a Blue Eyed Homozygous Gray and White Paint. Who knew that meant "includes manure stains on belly"? 

The sheer amount of stallions out there that are homozygous this, and homozygous that boggles the mind. 

He must have some interesting genetics though... because this is one of his offspring...

A buckskin crossed with a grey and white homozygous paint with the results being a black and white tobiano foal. *YAWN* As if there weren't enough black and white tobianos offered up for sale right now as it is.

Anyways, where is the show record? What are his bloodlines? Where is the professional pictures that show that the owner really cares how the horse is presented? Where are pictures of him being used as a riding horse? WHEN WILL THESE STALLION OWNERS START DOING SOMETHING WITH THEIR STALLIONS?

He would actually be a decent looking horse if they cleaned him up, got him nice and snowy white, took the yellow out of his tail, got a nicer picture of him, and THEN advertised for his services. (NOT that they are really needed right now anyways!)

This ad can be summed up in one statement - "But he has a thick mane!!!"


  1. Ok, not sure what breed that's supposed to be. That doesn't look like a stock horse to me, but I'm not a stock horse expert.

    Anyway ... Mane? Really? Their advertising that mane as a good thing? My old TWH gelding had better hair then that. And, wow, dirty much?

    And .. yeaaaaaaaah .. I'd love to research his genetics. Black Tobi out of a Buckskin by a Grey Tobi. 'Course, with them not posting his lineage, that Grey can be covering a whole host of sins, erm, colors ...

  2. My grade krazy kolor gelding has much better mane and tail. The tail sweeps the ground and his mane is to DIE for! LOL

  3. The buckskin mare is supposed to be a paint of some type as well...and since Buckskin is a dilute of the color black, if the stallion is a black based grey, then there is your black.

    He looks more "Thoroughbredy" to me, but without better pictures, I'll have to take it on the word of the ad writer that he's a paint.

  4. Such a shame, he would have made some little girl an awesome, 'perdy' 4-H gelding, maybe ever something in low level dressage. I dunno. He's cute (from what I can tell from the shitty photo) but breed worthy? Ugh.

  5. I wish my Paso had a thicker mane :-(

    This picture shows his mane pretty well:

    He's just about to turn 4, so maybe it will grow in some more...

  6. I think a $300 stud fee pretty much sums it all up for us......

  7. Doesn't it though?

    Zanthia - he's adorable!!! I have such a soft spot for pasos now. I have been seeing them up for sale in the south and east coasts...doesn't do me much good here though!

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