Saturday, April 17, 2010

LOCAL Asshat beats a horse nearly to death

I know I don't usually post on weekends, nor do I comment about news stories (maybe I should!), but this story from a local tv station just really Pissed Me Off. Not only did this happen in MY backyard, but this is something that can happen to any one of our horses, at any time when transferring ownership. I don't want to be a fear monger, as I know that often its without any alternatives that we have to give up or sell our beloved horses. This is still a classic reason why even when giving horses away for free, maybe a background check wouldn't be such a bad idea....

There are two news videos that I'll post, but here's the background in case you can't view the videos. 

A lady has a mare that she's willing to give away for free. She advertises the mare, and a 'gentleman' says he'll take the mare. Last Thursday, (April 15th) he arrives to pick the mare up, a little 14 hand Thoroughbred bay cutie called Susie-Q. 

The story is simple, the mare doesn't load into the trailer, for whatever reason. Her rescuers at the LUV Shack Ranch and Rescue swear she already KNEW what a f'ing jerk this guy is, and was refusing to go with him. they go on to say that they think she knew she'd be killed if she went willingly, and I will agree with them whole heartedly....

Now, most people would stop, and try to come up with a reasonable solution to this problem. Note I said "MOST PEOPLE". 

This ASSHOLE (I'm refraining from using stronger language) decides that instead of asking for help from the woman giving her away, he's going to start punching little Susie-Q ON HER HEAD! Punches her so badly and viciously, that she, in her desperate attempt to get away from her attacker, slams her head into the side of the trailer!!!

Would you all like to know why the 'new owner' wanted her? 

The rescue group states on their website and facebook feed that the "new owner" - who is a FARRIER!!! - was planning on taking her, putting a bullet in her head, and selling her body for the meat price at a rendering plant.

Video 1: 

LINK to story.

Can you believe that??? If you watch the video, you'll see the lady from the local rescue attempting to get her to load into a trailer. Thats Joey Ogburn, the founder of LUV Shack. 
Note that she's doing it slowly, without anger, and without stressing the poor mare out again. This mare went through hell standing at the entry of a horse trailer, and now her rescuers have to do the impossible and get her to trust them enough to get her into another trailer. They had to load her in backwards to get her in the trailer, how bout that smart thinking!

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office got involved too, thanks to the calls of some astute neighbors, when they saw the guy beating the horse. The prior owner claims that she didn't know he planned on killing the mare, and sending her off to the rendering plant. They are now investigating the Farrier - but so far any planned charges won't be filed / released publicly until next week.  MCSO Officers 'requested' that the prior owner call and PAY for the vet services to get her injuries taken care of. Names have not yet been released yet either.

Her injuries included 20 + stitches in her head and one hind fetlock, numerous scrapes, bruises and swellings, a laceration on her face, and her skull in fractured in two places. She is suffering from a concussion as well.

If this does not make you sick, then I don't know what would.

Last nights news update:

Link to story.  The anchor is reporting that the mare has found a new loving home, but that is no where NEAR the end of this for her. LUV Shack is so flooded with rescue horses right now that they had to find an outside foster home for her, and the kind hearted Gary and Amy Guthmiller took her in. 

There is so much more to this story too...

The lady that was getting rid of her, due to reasons being 'she couldn't take care of her' let her feet go for a very long time without farrier work. How ironic is that! The powers that be at the LUV Shack are pushing for the prior owner to face neglect charges as well - I think most of us will agree on that - either way it should be interesting to see how getting her charged plays out.

I know its a bit hard to distinguish between the sawdust and her feet, but if you look closely, you can see how overgrown they are. This is the work of the woman that was giving her away. This poor mare, who not only suffered a brutal beating, has suffered much longer, and in much more subtle ways. 

I am not a fundraiser type. I am not even a decent sales person. People say no once to me, and I don't push. I believe in helping out when circumstances deserve the help, and this is one of those times. I will be sending them what money I can afford. Unlike our roadside zoo-rescue-breeding-skunk-farm scam, these guys are the real deal. They are worthy of donations, and I will certainly be donating. 

As soon as I am done writing this, I will post the link to this blog post on their face book feed. I will offer to publish horses that need homes for them for free on this blog. I think I might even offer to come out and volunteer a time or two for them. The LUV Shack Ranch is less than 30 minutes from me - an easy drive. 

There is a good note to this story. Quoted from the news article, "Amy Guthmiller says, 'I immediately called and said she could come here. I have an extra stall and nobody's gonna mistreat this horse again. It won't happen here.'"

*STANDS AND CLAPS* Amy decided that along with a new life, the little Thoroughbred mare should have a new name too. She's been renamed "Valora". The name was discovered when Amy was searching for names that meant courage. 

I promise you all that every update I can find about Valora will be posted here. As soon as I know the 'farriers' name he will be posted on here as well for the entire world to see what an ASSHOLE he is. Alleged or not, the man was witnessed by several people beating the horse. The fact that he punched/abused the horse is no longer a question of if in my mind. I will not deem him guilty until the court does, but until then, I can still express my very LOUD opinions of the situation. 

I invite all of you to as well. 

FaceBook Fan Page for LUV Shack Ranch 

Luv Shack Ranch Website


  1. The farrier's name is Wayne Tolliver

  2. I have met Joey once or twice before, but a good friend of mine Sue knows her very well. Joey is a hell of a stand up gal!

  3. I actually went out and saw Valora after this happened. I KNOW Valora was beaten by horse farrier Wayne Tolliver. Tolliver stated that he didn’t beat the horse. I saw first hand where there was evidence that he beat her with a rasp (a long metal, solid 14” file used ...for filing down horse hooves). You can actually see the signs of the tiny criss/cross marking from the instrument that used to beat her. She had a tube above her eye and two major fractures on the right side of her face. Her right eye is deflated, she is now blind in that eye and it will have to be removed. This is the sweetest mare, so trusting and gentle. After receiving such torment and abuse – she had no issues letting us handle her and stood very still while Joey removed the stitches. You will notice in some picture the French Green Clay ointment that has been used to reduce swelling and pull toxins out of her wounds. When we took the fly mask off of her face and I saw her injures, I literally stood there in shock – holding back tears. It wasn’t until she gently rested her head on Amy’s shoulder that I could no longer hold back my tears. Such an amazing creature – who is incapable of hate and sees only beauty from humans – humans that have left her in a stall all of her 13 years of life and then beat her in the face and neck until she had a concussion and lost her right eye. Wayne Tolliver deserves to be in jail as does the past owner of Valora. Don't EVER let him near your horse!