Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NO WAY! People Are Crazy...

I have just finished catching up on the last 4 episodes of the ABC Show "FlashForward", and if you haven't seen it, its about the entire world blacking out for 2 minutes and 47 seconds, during which most people have a vision of themselves in 6 months - seeing the future. There are character stories of hope, of despair, of confusion, and of one guy that sees himself as a tv Evangelist that rakes in a LOT of money. 

I know it doesn't seem like that would have anything to do with any Craigslist ad I could ever post, right? Just a fictional tale of people that don't exist. 

Well.... I think the person that wrote this ad just might be living in the same world. I'm sure they see themselves in the future with a lot of money too. Just like in the TV show, it doesn't mean its going to happen. 

Without knowing anything else about this mare, how much would you be willing to pay for her? Her pasterns are *fugly*, she has NO hip, NO hocks, as upright as a shoulder as you can get, is as long as a bus, withers higher than her head, and a pencil neck. Not to mention no muscle tone at all. Her blaze is pretty though! I'll credit her that! 

Now, I'll throw in that she's an english horse. HUS. Ok, so the long back and pencil neck is more acceptable...though not by much. If she were being used for anything else though... .like say barrels or poles, she'd have so many problems getting her hind end under her and collecting for the stop. She's just not built very well, though its no fault of hers. 

The asking price is the million dollar question now, isn't it. The owner of this horse, wants a LOT of money for her, because I'm sure she thinks she'll get it. She sees that in her future. And continuing with the analogy here, not every 'vision' in the show, comes true. 

She wants....... 


$3000 for that mare. 

Ad Text: 8 y/o Paint Mare for Sale/Lease - $3000 (Pleasant Grove) "Sunny" is a registered sorrel, breed stock paint mare. She just turned 8 and stands at 16 hands. She is sound and UTD on vaccines. She has a natural horsemanship training foundation and knows lots of Parelli ground work. I love this horse and used her in 4-H this year, but sadly, she needs to be worked more than once every few weeks and I have too many horses to give her the time she needs. She rides in a halter or a bridle and knows walk/trot/canter. Broke to ride English and western. I think she would make a great English or western show horse easily. She is barefoot with great feet. Great hunter under saddle, or western pleasure horse with a little more time and training. She is super smart and loves people. She needs a confident rider because she can be a little strong at times and needs someone who can make her focus. Email for pictures/videos. 

For her sale, I am asking $3000 OBO.. or trade for bumper pull SLANT trailer of any age. If you would like to do a full lease with her, the price would be $200/ month, but she must stay at my barn. If wanting to lease, we can set up a lease to buy option also if interested. I am pretty flexible on payment options, my main priority is finding her a good home. Call/Email any time if you have any questions or if you want to come and try her out and meet her. My number is 916   or email me at boribear@ .com . Thanks 

I got a pretty good idea why the seller is having issues with her under saddle... could it just be because she's so looooonnnggg that she can't physically do what you are asking her to do? Have you ever thought of that? My guess is nooooo..... they just hopped on her and did whatever they wanted, and if the mare couldn't physically perform, its the mare's fault! Shes 'headstrong', and 'won't focus'. BULLSHIT. 

Oh, and, I'm not even going to get started on the Parelli Training. That just might also be another damn good reason the mare is 'headstrong' and 'won't focus', but you can't ever tell the Parelli Kool-Aid drinkers that! Oh no, we can't blasphemy their GOD!

 KEEP DREAMING DARLIN'. Cause it just ain't gonna happen! NO way, NO how is THAT mare worth $3000 even if she were bathed, shined up to blinding, and every grooming product known to man used on her. She is good for between $500-$1500 depending on training, personality, and breeding. And even then... I'd say $1500 is one hell of a stretch. 

NOW - The reader "Trail Rider" that sent me this ad, also mentioned this, and I quote from her email, "and cant wrap my brain around how this horse is worth $3000 ... course its not sold and the property its located at has some seriously skinny horses. a friend went out to see another horse also posted on CL - bait switch..supposed to be free Oh she's $500, have papers, oh wait no lost crap. "  
How lovely is that!

Some people should stick to watching tv, I think. At least there, no body laughs at the fantasy!

(Thanks for the ad!)


  1. Honestly, I'm a Parelli student & I implement the methods whenever I'm around horses. The basis behind Parelli is not the schizoid person doing insane things to/with horses that you probably think it is. It is mostly just a collection of data & training techniques that use 0% cruelty while building trust. It is one thing to have a horse perform for you because it is trained to do so & and another to have a horse perform for you because it wants to!

    Having said that, unfortunately not everyone sees it like that and they put a damper on the natural horsemanship name. I personally see nothing wrong with implementing training methods that are 100% cruelty free. Most people are dead-set in their ways and are afraid to investigate new methods. But using history as proof, change is a natural way of life and part of adaptation. If we didn't change about thinking the world was flat, where would we be today? It's not that your wrong, and NH is better, it's just different. No need to talk down about something when you truly don't understand it.

  2. Not a fan of that Parilli stuff, but I agree about the change and seeing differences. Agreeing to disagree is a good thing sometimes.

  3. "but you can't ever tell the Parelli Kool-Aid drinkers that! Oh no, we can't blasphemy their GOD!" This is proof!

  4. I personally wouldn't pay $500 for the mare..

    "but you can't ever tell the Parelli Kool-Aid drinkers that! Oh no, we can't blasphemy their GOD!" - LMAO!

    not saying anything about Parelli beyond that horrible video of Linda attempting to lunge a horse.. that's not good horsemanship IMO lol

  5. Oh right 0% cruelty my ass. Did you watch the crazy video of Linda freaking out for 15 minutes, whacking the poor horse? Give me a break. The Parellis are like the preacher that promises to heal your every illness while laughing behind their hands running to the bank.
    As far as the mare goes, she needs 100 pounds poor thing. Leave her at her barn??? Is she kidding? The mare needs an upgrade or a visit from animal control.

  6. Well that ISN'T what the program is about. The founders aside...

  7. Where in the ad does it say the mare is 'headstrong'?

  8. I love how the Paralized supporters seem to lack the courage to stand behind them and use an actual name. I also enjoy how they seem to rail and rant that piss pot Paralized himself came up with these methods, which also happen to be no more than the way the old school cowboys used to train horses, not break them. You know, by using common sense... No he just named them games, waves his majikal bat called a carrot stick and calls it 'la naturelle' and the idiots flock to throw their money.

    All of that aside- the horse in the ad could be worth $3000 IF the right fool and their money came along. She also could be worth that price IF she had decent training and had been shown on a level higher than 4H, racking up a few titles in classes other than eq & showmanship. Don't get me wrong, the 4H folks are often willing to shell out the cash for a pretty horsey for their kids to show- but they also tend to show on other circuits as well when they do.

    As is, they would be lucky to get $1500 in the current market, if she is registered. But even still, they would need to clean her up and take a few decent 'show type' photos and market her somewhere other than CL. Too many IF's in there for me.

  9. This one line explains a lot-

    "I love this horse and used her in 4-H this year, ..."

    She is owned by a kid. I have yet to see an adult participating IN a 4H class- other than a judge, ring steward or leader.

    And if the horse needs an experienced rider- why are they marketing towards the 4H crowd? Somewhere that people starting out may be interested in the horse... Not a good outcome.

  10. I would like it made record that I HAVE watched the entire series of the Parelli videos. My step father ran a media duplication company back in the late 90's and one of his clients was the distribution company for Mr. and Mrs. Parelli. My Stepfather's company created nearly 5000 copies of those VHS videos for them, and of course, as a side benefit, we were able to watch the videos in full.

    Even back in the 90's, as a teenager, I could see how much total smoke and bullshit he was blowing up peoples butts. I started watching the videos with a very open mind, and by the last one, was so disgusted with what I was seeing that I nearly couldn't watch the rest of them. That was when it was 8 VHS tapes that were 2 hours each - now he's down to a few DVDs that are longer in length.

    His methods center around the one basic philosophy of "HOW MUCH CAN I SELL TO YOU." He is no longer about training horses, he's about selling the masses crap training gimmicks that no body needs. The carrot stick is the best example. You spend $62.67!!! on a LUNGE WHIP you can get for $12.00 at any local tack store.

    That is both 'savvy' marketing, and stupidity all in one package.

    I've sat and watched a high level Parelli "trainer" with her horses and I'm not a trainer, and *I* can do better than she could. She had been working with one particular horse for nearly 6 months, round pen only, (the horse never got worked anywhere else, or did anything else) and STILL she could not get this horse to reverse directions at her cue. The horse knew how... I had seen his owner work with him, and with her he did perfectly fine. He would change directions at her body cue on a dime. It was this trainer he knew he could get away with it with - so who was smarter in THAT relationship?

    I have done my research, in many many ways. I choose NOT to follow his gospel like ways. I choose to train my horses in a manner individual to them, following their leads when they get something, and when they don't. I take steps backwards when they need it, and actually REWARD the horse when they deserve it.

    Please do NOT make comments like "No need to talk down about something when you truly don't understand it."

    I understand "it" just fine. And, I choose to independently think, instead of blindly following some idiot that has lost himself in the marketing machine. I choose to be SAFE around my horses, instead of allowing them to do things like walk 4 feet in front of me on a lead rope. I WANT a horse I can say a single command to, and have that horse INSTANTLY OBEY. I don't want a 1000 pound animal that thinks of me as his personal rug to walk all over.

    3rd - I used the word 'headstrong' because of the way she was described in the ad. They described her as a mare that can 'be a little strong at times and needs someone who can make her focus'

    combine that with the NH ground work...

    "headstrong" is a NICE description.

    As for the other comments about the tv show, I KNOW perfectly well what the show is about. I was using ONE characters experience as an introduction to what I wanted to say.

  11. I'm sure they'll get $3,000 since the horse market is so stellar right now. HA HA HA! $300 maybe.


    Please explain to me how a shock collar is NH?