Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The 5 Horse Cluster *F* Deal of a Lifetime!

If I have proven anything on this blog in its short life already, its that people are stupid. They will expect you to literally buy anything they try to sell you, hook, line, and sinker. They cast a wide net, and know pretty soon, some unsuspecting moron is going to bite on the bait they have set, and faster than you can say "hippopotamus" we've got a live one. 

I wonder how big of a net the writers of this ad cast...because its a doozy of an offer. 

I can just picture it now, the carnival tent, red and white striped, with the ring master standing on his soapbox in all his glory, with his carnies spread around him, fire flaming, balls spinning and knives flashing in the air, the smell of popcorn heavy and seductive. He's yelling out to the crowd, "Come close everyone! Come listen close! Have I GOT the deal for you today! Have you ever wanted to start your own breeding operation in just one day? Have you ever wanted to look out in your pasture and see lots of adorable fuzzy baby horses frolicking around? For the low low price of $5000 you can have JUST THAT!" 

Now, picture the blonde in the bikini standing in front of the curtain pulling the drawstring, and the red heavy velvet drapes slowly fold backwards on themselves...


Ad Text (Its LONG, Don't say I didn't warn you!):  For Sale:: AQHA/APHA package Deal. The 2 AQHA mares are exposed to foal in 2010, Sire is an APHA stallion. Grand Son of Smart Little Lena, Son of Little Lenas Legend(NCHA Money Earner). One of the mares is a Grand Daughter to Sonny Dee Bar & a Great Grand Daughter to Dr.Fager(TB). The other Mare is a Great Grand Daughter to Easy Jet & Double Bid. The Stallion also has Peppy San Badger, Doc O’ Lena, Doc Bar, King Fritz & Skipper W. These are Legendary Names in the horse industry right in One Package!!! I searched long a hard for these mares because I need mares that produced correct foals, but they also needed to be SUPER easy keepers & know how to be a horse. These mares can run on crap land & stay nice fat & healthy. They also have wintered now 2 years on the mountain without Assistance! They know how to hack it in Wyoming’s ever changing weather conditions. They LOVE grain & will follow you anywhere too!! We turned the stallion out with them May 09’ so babies could drop here in a month. 
The stallion is Amazing & parting with him is a tough decision. He is super easy to maintain, doesn’t require much to keep him fat & happy. He can be pasture or hand bred. Can be pastured with the gelding as well. I have had the youngest of kids around him without having to worry. Just not a mean bone in his body. He was injured when he was younger so never got trained for anything. We have never wanted him for a Saddle horse either, just a stallion. In 2008 he lost his left eye in an accident. If you are thinking you want to get him for a saddle horse I suggest you look at another stallion/horse. If you are trying to start into the horse breeding business this stallion is a good one. Easy to handle & get along with. Easy to catch, stands tied, load/hauls great. Has been hauled into town unloaded & walked around then tied to the trailer. Wasn’t bothered by the commotion. He stand around 14 hands on the smaller side, but built like a TANK with a HUGE hip on him. He too winters with the mares on the mountain without assistance. He now has a 3 year old Filly going to start competing in Reining. We have been VERY impressed with his offspring & there natural abilities. 
This is a 3 horse package deal with potential to get 2 babies. I have filed all the paperwork so that the babies will be registered as well. ONLY reason for listing this group for sale is that I moved out of State & can no longer attempt the trips back & forth. I am losing more money trying to do that & I can not bring them to where I live Now Unfortunately……. Price is $5000 for this Package Deal. SERIOUS ADULT INQUIRES ONLY PLEASE…….. I do have some video of the mares & stallion…..If anyone is interested I also have a 4 yr old Gray Quarter Mare(have her AQHA registration application, just never sent it in) who is also exposed to the above stallion to foal 2010. Blue Valentine breeding, I could also add to this package deal for a little more money… 
Email us at wrangler_     @yahoo.com. Once we have established you aren’t a scammer we will release our phone number or would be happy to call you too…. 

Now.  If you managed to make it through all that, congratulations. You get the prize behind door number 3. 

If not, l'll sum things up for you. They have 2 mares, whom are going in foal in a month. They were bred to the do nothing, no name stallion, who's only claim to fame is that he can winter with the girls out on the range - Who is also thrown into the deal! They didn't even bother to saddle break him! Advertising that he can be turned out with the herd is NOT a quality that I would look for in a stallion, especially a BREEDING stallion. 

Just about the only good thing that would come out of a stud spending time with a bunch of cranky half wild broodmares is they WILL teach him manners. He'll be very respectful of space, and you probably CAN do anything with him, because if he took one bad step out of line, them mares woulda just whaled on him! In a mixed gender herd, the stallions DO NOT rule the herd like most wild west romance novels would have you believe. They are there for two reasons only, to procreate, and to keep his harem together / defend from other stallions. 

That is the stallions job in life. Thats it. Summed up into two small sentences. 

This ad made the blog because of several reasons. 

1 - the no name stallion breeding that shouldn't be. 
2 - who can afford 5 horses these days!? There is no need to keep this herd together like this. Break it up and sell independently if you are targeting family buyers. A decent breeding operation might be interested in a deal like this for the mares, broodmares with damn good lines are being sold off like this for pennies on the dollar, but without the market to purchase the foals, the mares are worth little to nothing. 
3- Who the hell says that they are running their horses on "crap land" and THEN says they didn't help feed them during the winter? Did they totally ignore the horses for months, then suddenly decided they didn't want the horses anymore? Have the horses been wormed? Vaccinated? Feet trimmed? 
4- They don't want the stallion sold as a riding horse because of his eye missing? Total BS if I've ever heard it. 

We discussed riding blind horses -  horses going blind in both eyes due to Moon Blindness. This is NOT the same case. This horse has a fully functional eye still on one side of his head, and I've known plenty of animals, with hooves, paws, or feet, that do very well with just one eye. I bet there is something else with that stud that they don't want anyone to know about - some reason that they don't want him ridden. I just can't see anyone being that stupid to say a horse can't be ridden with just one eye. I'd trust a horse with one eye a TON more than a horse with moon blindness - and many of you would do the same. 

5- who really has the money to raise 2 foals right now, with the intention of keeping them?  Theoretical question I know, but many many people don't have that ability right now. 


  1. I agree - my own "one-eyed wonder" is one of the best trail horses I have ever known! He's been exposed to it all: traffic, back hoes, bicycles, crosses water and bridges like a champ. This ad mentions the stallion was not broke due to an injury, but no mention of what that injury was. Is he sound?

  2. I wouldn't say those mares have stellar pedigrees, or that they are suitable for breeding. The stallion probably has more immediate ancestors with accomplishments than those mares do. Great-grand daughters of somone famous? Neat. I have a relative who fought in the revolutionary war. That doesn't mean I'm a skilled soldier...

  3. OMG! I have to add the one here locally.

    There is a QH stallion on Dreamhorse. He was being offered up with 3 of his fillies for the same $5000. A yearling, a two year old and a three year old. Would not budge on separating the 'herd', but apparently now he is down to only the stallion. That's a good sign for him.

    Who in the hell thinks a 'package deal' is a good thing these days? You can't afford them, what the flying name in hell makes you think I can?

    Or that I WANT all of them? If I don't- you have no say over me ditching the 'culls' at the auction. What I feel are 'culls' you may think are the best of the bunch...

    Split them up and offer them seperately. You have a better chance of getting rid of all of them that way and bringing in more money as you do.